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May 01, 2017

How Doe Deere Turned Raw Ambition Into A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Long before Doe Deere unleashed her neon pastel aesthetic onto the makeup industry, she was just another teenager trying to make it big as a singer on the streets of New York City. Highly ambitious since childhood, it’s no surprise that Deere’s creative energy has fueled her to create a makeup brand that’s worth millions of dollars today.

Born in Russia, Deere moved to New York City with her mother as a teenager. Her passion for self-expression urged her to pursue a music career. While Deere would sing on the stages of various clubs and bars, she would be decked out in bright and sparkly clothing. It didn’t take long for Deere to start making her own clothes.

As time went on, it became clear that Deere had a gift for creating aesthetic masterpieces. Her unique visual perspective combined with a talent for sewing led her to launch a DIY fashion line and relationship starters blog in 2004 which has grown to becoming one of the best relationship portal we have today. Born with supermodel looks, Deere took photos of herself wearing her creations to put on her eBay store.

To Deere’s disappointment, it was difficult to find makeup to match her bold and colorful aesthetic. Searching endlessly through makeup aisles for bright and fearless cosmetics, she decided that it was time to launch her own makeup company. She was determined to create a makeup line that would encourage women to experiment with color rather than mask their flaws. In 2008, Lime Crime was born.

Launched as a retail website, Lime Crime was highly unique from the very beginning. The Lime Crime website features Deere’s signature aesthetic of cute animals in pastel colors. The brand’s first big hit was the Unicorn Lipsticks line, a series of extremely pigmented lipsticks in a variety of neon pastel shades. Still a top seller, the Unicorn Lipsticks’ magenta metallic tubes feature silver unicorns, giving the lipsticks a playful and whimsical edge.

A large part of Lime Crime’s enormous success has to do with Deere’s refusal to follow trends. Each product created by Lime Crime comes straight from Deere’s wild and wonderful imagination. Every product is designed for makeup lovers who refuse to play it safe and don’t fear experimentation.

As CEO of Lime Crime, Deere won’t release a makeup product that she hasn’t tested on herself. During the day, the pastel-haired beauty can be found in the lab working on the formula for a new product.

Whether it’s a neon lipstick in a startling shade or an iridescent eyeliner that turns every head, Deere continues to launch Lime Crime products that quickly become coveted items among beauty bloggers. Thanks to her unique creative vision and her dedication to her own brand, Deere has encouraged countless makeup lovers to have fun with their cosmetics.

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December 01, 2019

Isabel Dos Santos Has A Strong Belief That Energy Is The Key To Future Telecommunications Expansion Across Africa

Isabel dos Santos, the Angolan businesswoman and investment expert known for her significant accomplishments in the telecommunications market within the country, has recently presented evidence for the need to increase investment commitments to the energy infrastructure of Africa. She presented this evidence at a major business conference known as AfricaCom. It was held this November 2019 in South Africa and featured over 400 of the top leader of commerce in sectors such as the telecommunications market, the tech sector, and media. As a featured speaker at AfricaCom, Isabel dos Santos provided some points of insight into the growing need to bring 5G network technology to the continent. She points out that this technology will be instrumental in helping to grow the economy. This is particularly true for growing sectors such as e-commerce and the realm of digital technology.

According to Isabel dos Santos, the private sector needs to rally behind this cause. To do so, it is going to take more than simply committing to bringing 5G technology to the continent. It is also going to take a commitment to further build up the existing energy infrastructure. For this, there is going to be a need for major investment commitments from the private sector of business. Isabel dos Santos is well-versed in what it takes to improve infrastructure. She has spent much of the last decade tirelessly working toward the improvement of telecommunications infrastructure in Angola through her Unitel company.

This process has been beneficial to the country’s economy as it has generated more than fifty-thousand jobs that have been vital to tackling the employment numbers in Angola. This commitment to building telecommunications infrastructure has been engaged in by many entrepreneurs across the continent and Isabel wants to see a similar type of commitment on the topic of energy investment. This is what she asserts is going to be necessary to bring 5G technology to the continent’s businesses and citizens. Isabel dos Santos has proudly used her standing as the woman with the largest fortune in Africa to help others. She is dedicated to many important philanthropic causes aimed at stimulating the economy and encouraging more women to engage in business.

November 20, 2019

Who is Fortress Invest Group and What Is It Like To Work For Them?

Formed in 1998, Fortress Investment Group is a leading diversified global investment group that manages assets worth more than $36.1 billion. They manage assets for over 1,750 institutional clients and private investors worldwide across credit, real estate, permanent capital and equity investment. Fortress Investment Group is also home to 953 asset management employees, which include 216 investment professional based out of New York with affiliate offices all around the globe. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at

That said, what are employees saying about the firm?

With any organization, employees are at the center of everything they do and it’s no secret that a happy employee results in happy clients.

Is that the case with Fortress Investment Group?

To answer these question I sifted through the firm’s Glassdoor page to better gain a sense of what it is like to interview for a position, general employee impression about the firm and thoughts on benefits offered.

When it comes to interviews, the firm utilizes various methods to carry out interviews. This includes over the phone, video-based (such as Google Hangout) and more traditional in-person interviews. Overall, the census is that a majority of interviewees walked away with a positive experience.

One reviewer who had applied for an operations/invoice processing position stated they interviewed after a week of applying with no tricky questions in addition to a basic job description of what responsibilities they would have. A second individual indicated the process was easy, and as a freshman in college landed a summer intern position even though there was no formal application for the position.

Working for Fortress Investment Group, many would recommend to a friend. For one current employee, they wrote, “great people to work with…across the division. Further, collaboration between teams is easy, [and] the flat organization structure helps promote communication across the team.” Another added that “management is great, internal HR [is] exceptional, [and] you get a chance to know different industries.” Working for the firm turned out to be a great experience for many who left a review and their CEO was also rated very highly which reflects positively on the company overall. A user that interviewed for a Vice President position wrote “all people I interviewed [with were] friendly and easy to talk to. Group has a laid-back atmosphere, but team members are smart and professional.”

These reviews bode are great for the frim and generally seem very diverse in background and experience across the board.

Lastly, Fortress Investment Group was rated highly regarding benefits. They offer “amazing medical insurance, dental, vision” and their “401k is very strong”.

Even with this brief dive into what it is like working with Fortress Investment Group, I think it is safe to say they are a great company to work for once you get your foot into the door. They offer many challenges and many great benefits to their employees. Last but not least, I want to add that everyone will have a different experience, but let this be an idea of what you could expect.