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May 01, 2017

How Doe Deere Turned Raw Ambition Into A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Long before Doe Deere unleashed her neon pastel aesthetic onto the makeup industry, she was just another teenager trying to make it big as a singer on the streets of New York City. Highly ambitious since childhood, it’s no surprise that Deere’s creative energy has fueled her to create a makeup brand that’s worth millions of dollars today.

Born in Russia, Deere moved to New York City with her mother as a teenager. Her passion for self-expression urged her to pursue a music career. While Deere would sing on the stages of various clubs and bars, she would be decked out in bright and sparkly clothing. It didn’t take long for Deere to start making her own clothes.

As time went on, it became clear that Deere had a gift for creating aesthetic masterpieces. Her unique visual perspective combined with a talent for sewing led her to launch a DIY fashion line and relationship starters blog in 2004 which has grown to becoming one of the best relationship portal we have today. Born with supermodel looks, Deere took photos of herself wearing her creations to put on her eBay store.

To Deere’s disappointment, it was difficult to find makeup to match her bold and colorful aesthetic. Searching endlessly through makeup aisles for bright and fearless cosmetics, she decided that it was time to launch her own makeup company. She was determined to create a makeup line that would encourage women to experiment with color rather than mask their flaws. In 2008, Lime Crime was born.

Launched as a retail website, Lime Crime was highly unique from the very beginning. The Lime Crime website features Deere’s signature aesthetic of cute animals in pastel colors. The brand’s first big hit was the Unicorn Lipsticks line, a series of extremely pigmented lipsticks in a variety of neon pastel shades. Still a top seller, the Unicorn Lipsticks’ magenta metallic tubes feature silver unicorns, giving the lipsticks a playful and whimsical edge.

A large part of Lime Crime’s enormous success has to do with Deere’s refusal to follow trends. Each product created by Lime Crime comes straight from Deere’s wild and wonderful imagination. Every product is designed for makeup lovers who refuse to play it safe and don’t fear experimentation.

As CEO of Lime Crime, Deere won’t release a makeup product that she hasn’t tested on herself. During the day, the pastel-haired beauty can be found in the lab working on the formula for a new product.

Whether it’s a neon lipstick in a startling shade or an iridescent eyeliner that turns every head, Deere continues to launch Lime Crime products that quickly become coveted items among beauty bloggers. Thanks to her unique creative vision and her dedication to her own brand, Deere has encouraged countless makeup lovers to have fun with their cosmetics.

July 23, 2019

Jeremy Goldstein: The Business Lawyer Who Assists Foundations and Charities

Businesses in the United States are required to work with lawyers whenever they consider mergers and acquisitions. To help them with their transactions, they need to work with a reliable lawyer who can assist them. Jeremy Goldstein has been in the industry for so many years, and he is considered as the most reliable lawyer when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. He established his own law firm, and he is encouraging anyone who has legal problems to visit his office and set up an appointment with him. Because of his experiences in representing business organizations, he managed to build a positive reputation for his law firm, and people believed in him and trust him whenever he is reviewing their cases.


It is important for lawyers to build a relationship with their clients because it will help them expand their operations. Jeremy Goldstein took advantage of this scenario, and he showed his clients that he cared about them. In return, many of his clients decided to refer his law firm to their friends and families, and the number of his clients grew each day. The people who have been working with his law firm are also pointing out the professionalism displayed by Jeremy Goldstein and his colleagues. They stated that their cases are being resolved professionally, and all positive resolutions are being considered by Jeremy Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein also said that working in the industry can be tough for those who are only after the credentials. He said that the development of a deep relationship with the clients is a must, and he would keep on building this kind of relationship because it benefits him a lot. Aside from his role as the lead lawyer of his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein is also spending his time working with foundations and charities. For this year, he decided to help the Fountain House and told his clients that he will be hosting a charity dinner to gain more funds. The Fountain House is thankful because Jeremy Goldstein chose them as the beneficiary of the event, and he stated that he will keep on helping charities that would like to receive financial institutions.


Jeremy Goldstein continues to create a positive reputation among the public, and he keeps on encouraging business owners that they need to work with his law firm because he has the solutions for their problems. He is also asking the public to support the projects that he is spearheading because of the assistance that it can provide to those who have limited resources. The Fountain House, for example, was built for those who have mental problems, and they are doing their best to support those who wanted to live a new life. The Fountain House is among those organizations that have the heart to help others, and this is what Jeremy Goldstein wanted.


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July 20, 2019

The Impact of the Academy of Art University to its Students


Academy of Art University is a privately held school in California, United States. Furthermore, it is said to be the largest art and design school that is privately owned in the United States. The school offers open admission of students at 100% rate.

The university has been participating every year in the NY Fashion Week event since 2005. The school is accredited to offer bachelors and master’s degree in approximately 25 subjects. Thus the students and parents do not worry about the courses offered.

The Academy of Art University participates in athletics majorly. The men’s cross country team became the runners up in the 2014-2015 marathon season. On the other hand, the women’s team became fourth to finish the race.

Every year, the alumni and industry leaders, as well as the general public, visit the school to explore the best work of the talented students. This is always done in one location. The school in itself is like a world full of creative and talented people. One of the significant events hosted by the Academy of Art University is the Spring Show, which is annual. The main advantage of this is that the world comes to the students to appreciate them, not the vice versa.

The Spring Show offers the students excellent opportunities to show some of their best and latest works. This is also the time when industry experts spend more time with the students even face to face and chat about career opportunities. It is an excellent way of networking for the students of this school. According to the Executive director of the faculty of interior architecture, networking is something that they are devoted to giving a lot of focus. Advertising is a key to networking, and it is essential to create a relationship with industry experts who represent their companies at the Spring Show.

In conclusion, Academy of Art University is devoted to network the creativity and skills of the students to make them achieve their dreams. Because of the Spring Show, there have been many graduates who have gotten a chance at big companies. Students here, do what they love to achieve their dreams.