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May 23, 2017

Jeremy Goldstein’s Extensive and Prestigious Attorney Practice

There’s a new way for New York area residents to acquire a lawyer tailored to their needs. The (LRIS) Lawyer Referral and Information Service, coupled with The New York State Bar Association has produced a way for those in need of legal help to call upon a lawyer exactly for their legal needs. Through an online portal, clients are able to answer a questionnaire indicative of their legal issues and region and are then directed to an appropriate lawyer who is capable of handling their needs. The State Bar staff reviews the questionnaire to match clients with an attorney in a neighboring area. This is the only process needed for clients to go through. The service is available both through an online portal via website, and by telephone. Each participating lawyer must be in good legal standing and has been extensively reviewed by the State Bar Association. The referrals are free of charge.


Jeremy Goldstein founded his own firm, Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein has dedicated a firm that advises compensation committees, CEOs and management teams. He also guides corporations in executive compensation and works to facilitate governance matters. Before Jeremy Goldstein went on to his found his own firm, he was involved with law firm Wachtell, Lipten, Rosen and Katz. The past experience of Jeremy Goldstein over the decade includes many of the largest transactions of the past decade. The list being very extensive and notable of world renowned companies. Jeremy Goldstein is also chair of the Mergers Acquisition Committee. When granted free time, he spends free hours writing and and speaking on corporate governance issues. Goldstein is regarded as a leading executive compensation lawyer in The Legal 500. To further his accolades even more, he is a member of the board of NYU Journal of Law and Business.

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May 22, 2017

The Benefits of Wen Conditioner: A Bustle Review

Wen is a brand that is known for its natural ingredients, including plant extracts and essential oils. The brand has been praised on Twitter by a number of celebrities who say that Wen helps to improve the look and overall health of the hair. If you’re considering becoming a Wen customer, this review from Bustle’s Emily McClure can help you decide if Wen is right for you.

Emily tried the Fig conditioner from WEN for seven days. Wen’s conditioners also have cleansing properties, and can be used as an all-in-one hair cleansing product. On the first day of the experiment, Emily noticed that even though it took a lot of conditioner to cleanse her hair, her tresses immediately felt softer and less frizzy.

Near the middle of the week, Emily used a curling iron to style her hair, but her curls fell after a few hours since the conditioner made her hair heavier. However, her hair still looked healthy and moisturized, and her friends even complimented her hair before the experiment was over.

Overall, Emily says that she’d recommend Wen conditioner to women who use heat on their hair daily, due to the protective nature of the product. She also says the conditioner works great for adding volume to the hair.

Wen products are available on QVC stores and on Guthy-Renker.

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May 21, 2017

Jason Halpern Injects New Blood in the Real Estate Business through JHM

While the real estate business seems easy and fun to invest in, most people do not understand that real estate involves more than just being people friendly or people’s person. Real estate entails passion, careful execution of strategies and commitment in terms of helping people. For a real estate agent to grow business in the industry there is the need to understand the demands of the clients including an individual’s culture, passion, style, and taste. That is why Jason Halpern is celebrated for combining talent and passion in running the third generation family business, JHM.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property


Jason is the founder as well as managing partner of JHM Properties. He is from a third generation company of real estate development. JHM has an excellent record of stellar experience that dates back to fifty years. Under the leadership of Halpern, JHM has helped families and business professionals in constructing residential as well as commercial homes in Westchester County. The company has developed more than millions of square feet A Class commercial premises in the county of Westchester. It has taken Jason Halpern expertise and unique talent to oversee business at JHM. He combines talent, vision, and foresight to acquire and develop several innovative buildings according to client’s instructions, preference, and style. Jason has been involved in the acquisition of several historically marked buildings to customer’s satisfaction.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Work Rapport

The significant difference between Jason and other property developers is his commitment to developing friendly working relationships. This is Jason’s selling point. He has used this strategy to build a market niche by building premises in historic buildings. Jason builds rapport from within the cities he projects on building in. He has a soft spot for historic sites and states that his relationship with the people of the society is based on the statement that an individual should respect the community in which they develop. This is a primary principle that offers guidance to Jason and JHM.


Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason is a lover of humanity. He allocates most of his time and resources to charity in the community. He has massively invested in a trauma center called the Joel A. Halpern. It is geographically located in Westchester Medical Center. The facility has open heart surgery equipment and services, complex emergency cases, neurosurgery as well as orthopedic surgery. The facility also offers services linked to the reattachment of erupted limbs. The center also takes care of burnt victims and people with deep-severe internal injuries that pose a threat to life.


Jason’s Family

It is evident that Jason Halpern is dedicated to offering clients the best homes and commercial offices through JHM. Jason combines his passion and charisma in making the dreams of his clients come true. He is the current head cheerleader of JHM and is in charge of operations.

May 11, 2017

Wessex Can Help Graduates Find Employment

Wessex Institute of Technology located in Amhurst Lodge in Southampton in the United Kingdom has many career opportunities. One of the many career opportunities includes their publishing house where they publish their many educational journals. The journals need both writers and editors. Wessex Institute offers many clerical jobs in their administrative office and secretaries to teachers.

The research department employs as many as 11 to 50 employees. Wessex Institute can find employment for people who want to work away from the school. They host annual job conferences where people come looking to interview new prospects in the field of technology.

Wessex hosts job fairs many times a year. They also have an online job board that can be found 24 hour a day, seven days a week. These jobs include industrial research, fluid mechanics, environmental modelling. Computational mechanics, and many other extraordinary career choices.


May 09, 2017

The Copa Star Opens A Different Look For The Hospital

In the medical profession, there are certain things that are very traditional in the manner that they are done. One of the things that has a long history concerning tradition is the hospital. In the medical profession, the hospital has a place that is special in the eyes of everyone involved. Many medical professionals get intense training in the hospital as they go through their medical education.

Many medical professionals utilize the hospital to provide medical services for patients. The hospital is at the core of the medical profession and it serves a role that is very important for people inside and outside the medical profession. As times have changed, the idea of the hospital has remained constant until recently.

A major move in the way medical professionals looks at the hospital has started to take place. Many hospital executives have started to look at the hospital in terms beyond medical care. The hospital is viewed by some hospital executives as a profitable business that has not be ran in that manner.


A new wave of hospital executives have started to run hospitals who look at the hospital in terms of how a traditional business is ran. Certain things that have not been pressing issues in the hospital have become things that some hospital executives are taken a closer look at to improve the business performance of the hospital. The wave of change in the hospital has occurred for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is the new ideas that a new wave of executives have who are running hospitals such as a priority on customer service, how hospitals look, and the use of technology are all things that have become important discussion areas in hospitals.

The new wave of executives are making a difference in the way new hospitals are being built. The Hospital Copa Star in Brazil is a prime example of how some newer executives are approaching the way new hospitals are built and how the hospitals look. The Copa Star is unlike almost any hospital that has ever been built. The Copa Star has the look and feel of hotels that cater to people who enjoy the finer things in life. Luxury is a word that is used very often when people describe the Copa Star.

The Copa Star has a luxury look that is provided from the outside all the way through the hospital. Both visitors and patients are amazed at how the Copa Star looks while still providing some of the best medical care in Brazil. The owners of the Copa Star want the hospital to become the best hospital in Brazil. Many people are watching to see if this new style of hospital will become popular in Brazil. Read more at about Copa Star.

May 09, 2017

Amazing Achievements of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a well-known leader, disruptor, innovator and an advocate. Betsy has been in the forefront in fighting to get rid of barriers and in the creation of a conducive environment where people are given equal opportunity to thrive.

Betsy DeVos has served as the former chairman of the Windquest Group. The group is an investment firm that is privately owned. It has its headquarters in Michigan, and it provides diversified consumer products and service portfolio.

Betsy DeVos has been participating in politics for more than three decades. She was once elected as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for four years. Betsy DeVos has worked in various leadership positions in numerous organizations, campaigns and political committees.

Nowadays Betsy DeVos efforts are geared toward the advancement of political choices. Betsy is also an enthusiastic member of her community. She has served as the chair of the federation for children and also the philanthropy roundtable board. She has served on other local and national boards such as the American Enterprise Institute, ArtPrize, and foundation for excellence and institute for arts that is based at the University of Maryland.

As a graduate of the Holland high school, Betsy DeVos graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The degree she obtained from the Calvin College, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Betsy DeVos is married to a philanthropist, entrepreneur and a community activist known as Dick DeVos. Together they are blessed with four children. They have five grandchildren. DeVos has also served as the head of the Alliance for School Choice. Over the years, DeVos family has made available millions of dollars in the form of funding for various organizations.

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Betsy DeVos, in the 1990s, she worked on the board of the children first America. The group’s goal is to expand the choices in school through tax credit and vouchers. DeVos family had worked hard to ensure the successful passage of charter school bill in 1993. They later started the political action committee, which is an education project aimed at championing the charter schools.

The couple has launched an annual scholarship, which is a free enterprise and also entrepreneurship scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to the students who earn BBA in the Northwood University. The DeVos Foundation funds numerous organizations such as the Institute of Justice, Acton Institute, Individual Rights Center and pregnancy resource Centre. Read more news on

May 03, 2017

Roberto Santiago, The Man With The Best Shopping Mall!!

Roberto Santiago was born in 1958 in a town named Joao Pessoa. He graduated from University Center which is also located in Joao Pessoa. Roberto studied business in his higher education because he always wanted to become a successful businessman. Roberto Santiago is one of the most successful Entrepreneurs in this world. Roberto Santiago’s vision and his passion for his work have made him quite popular, rich and successful. Robert Santiago proudly owns the Santiago Manaira Shopping Pall which is located in Paraiba, Brazil. He started his career by working in a carton age company.

Roberto Santiago began his professional career in Santa Rosa at a café. He started his own company here which dealt in the manufacture of utilitarian and decoration products. This really boosts jumped his career in a few years. Roberto Santiago is known to have an interest in sports and has won many trophies over the years.

Roberto Santiago is commonly known as the perfectionist who has invested in a lot of different buildings and has earned a lot of profit through them. The most successful investment and the greatest achievement yet by Roberto Santiago is his shopping mall which is named Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall which is also located in Joao Pessoa. Roberto continues to strengthen his relation with his customers. This has given him customers who rely on his products. The Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has achieved all of its goals. This shopping mall fulfills all the needs of a person at one place. Read more on

Roberto Santiago has contacts all over the world with different entrepreneurs which enable him to get a perfect product for the market. The people of his town enjoy their lives because Roberto Santiago has invested heavily in his town and has provided almost everything to the people. The

Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall ensured that Roberto Santiago had written his name among those who design and make historical landmarks.

Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has multiple movie theaters init. All of them are amazing because of the latest technology used in them. These movie theaters are in a 3D room for the viewers to enjoy their movie full-time. Food courts are also facilitated by the shopping mall. More than

8000 people can enjoy a movie at the same time in one theater. All of the design and structure was Robert’s own.

Roberto Santiago is also interested in donating his money to the charities that stand for a good cause. Roberto also has his own charity which stands for the cause of education and receives a tremendous amount of money to keep the charity running on its own and to keep educating students who don’t have enough resources to gain high standard knowledge. Truly, Roberto Santiago is one of a kind. Learn more at Wikipedia about Roberto Santiago.

May 02, 2017

The CEO of InnovaCare Health Inc., Rick Shinto’s Unwavering Support for the LAN

InnovaCare is the pride of Puerto because it is the leading Medicaid and Medicare Advantage organization mandated to provide healthcare related services. On August 2, 2016, the organization announced its involvement in embracing the modern Health Care Treatment Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). The LAN entails a partnership between the public and private sector that seeks to upgrade the U.S health system towards new payment models that focused on offering quality services rather than quantity.

Rick Shinto, the CEO of InnovaCare, cited that the announcement represented the unwavering commitment of the organization to help in the transition to alternative payment models in the health care industry. He added the collaboration of the organization and the LAN would assist in redefining the healthcare management through the provision of cost-effective, coordinated, and innovative models. Thus, the payment reforms would build a resilient relationship between patients and providers.

InnovaCare significantly supports the mission of LAN that entails accelerating the change to alternative payment models. Moreover, the organization had formulated its goals that support payment reforms. According to a statement made by the InnovaCare, they support the goals of the LAN, which include making 30 percent of U.S. health care payments to adopt the alternative payment models (APM) by 2016 and another 50 percent by 2018. InnovaCare pledged to help in surveying quantitative data and grouping payments based on APM Framework. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

Insights of the LAN

The LAN has a list of around 100 organizations including private, public, and non-profits sectors whose aim entails transforming the health care sector and emphasizing of quality rather than quantity services. The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides, cited that working with the other committed partners of the LAN would ultimately help the organization spread the APMs throughout the health industry.

The Other Career Experiences of Penelope Kokkinides

Before rejoining Innovacare in June 2015, Penelope worked at InnovaCare, Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer. She also served at Aveta Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer as well as VP of Clinical Operations. Before that, Penelope Kokkinides worked at Centerlight HealthCare where she was the Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer. She also served as a COO at Touchstone Health as well as the corporate VP for Disease Management and Care Management.

InnovaCare Health Inc.

InnovaCare is a leading health care provider in Puerto Rico and operates health plans including PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMM Healthcare, Inc. The organization’s membership base includes over 200,000 individuals who are served by a network of more than 7,500 providers. It is dedicated to providing quality and affordable health care services. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

May 02, 2017

Jason Hope And Technology

The role of technology in society is something that has been the subject of much research and investigation. In an article by Engadget, author Jesse Boskoff discusses the ideas of one of the people leading the charge to determine how technology can be most good. Futurist Jason Hope supports the Internet of Things, the amalgamation of commercial and consumer devices with Internet connectivity. He believes that persistent connections will allow our lives to be more efficient and safer.

Hope has written for and outlined some of the ways that the Internet of Things will drive business. He predicted that in 2016 the Internet of Things would mostly be driven by healthcare. As more medical technology makes use of Internet connections, it seems he is correct. Hope’s interest in medical technology is not limited to its business prospects. Hope pledged $500,000 in funding to the non-profit SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is working to combat illnesses associated with aging.

Hope’s support of medical technology advancement and his business acumen collide in his advocacy for technology in driving business solutions. Hope works as a consultant for businesses and a lot of his work focuses on the use of technology and digital solutions. Through these approaches, Jason Hope is driving the future.

May 01, 2017

How Doe Deere Turned Raw Ambition Into A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Long before Doe Deere unleashed her neon pastel aesthetic onto the makeup industry, she was just another teenager trying to make it big as a singer on the streets of New York City. Highly ambitious since childhood, it’s no surprise that Deere’s creative energy has fueled her to create a makeup brand that’s worth millions of dollars today.

Born in Russia, Deere moved to New York City with her mother as a teenager. Her passion for self-expression urged her to pursue a music career. While Deere would sing on the stages of various clubs and bars, she would be decked out in bright and sparkly clothing. It didn’t take long for Deere to start making her own clothes.

As time went on, it became clear that Deere had a gift for creating aesthetic masterpieces. Her unique visual perspective combined with a talent for sewing led her to launch a DIY fashion line in 2004. Born with supermodel looks, Deere took photos of herself wearing her creations to put on her eBay store.

To Deere’s disappointment, it was difficult to find makeup to match her bold and colorful aesthetic. Searching endlessly through makeup aisles for bright and fearless cosmetics, she decided that it was time to launch her own makeup company. She was determined to create a makeup line that would encourage women to experiment with color rather than mask their flaws. In 2008, Lime Crime was born.

Launched as a retail website, Lime Crime was highly unique from the very beginning. The Lime Crime website features Deere’s signature aesthetic of cute animals in pastel colors. The brand’s first big hit was the Unicorn Lipsticks line, a series of extremely pigmented lipsticks in a variety of neon pastel shades. Still a top seller, the Unicorn Lipsticks’ magenta metallic tubes feature silver unicorns, giving the lipsticks a playful and whimsical edge.

A large part of Lime Crime’s enormous success has to do with Deere’s refusal to follow trends. Each product created by Lime Crime comes straight from Deere’s wild and wonderful imagination. Every product is designed for makeup lovers who refuse to play it safe and don’t fear experimentation.

As CEO of Lime Crime, Deere won’t release a makeup product that she hasn’t tested on herself. During the day, the pastel-haired beauty can be found in the lab working on the formula for a new product.

Whether it’s a neon lipstick in a startling shade or an iridescent eyeliner that turns every head, Deere continues to launch Lime Crime products that quickly become coveted items among beauty bloggers. Thanks to her unique creative vision and her dedication to her own brand, Deere has encouraged countless makeup lovers to have fun with their cosmetics.