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February 09, 2018

Securus Technologies Providing High-Tech Investigative Solutions to Law Enforcement Agencies

It is not easy for any company to lead the industry for a long time, but in the correctional sphere, Securus Technologies has been able to maintain a lead in the United States since the early 1990s. The company has made tremendous progress over the years and under the current CEO, Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has been going through massive modernization transformation.


It has helped the company in serving its customers better and developed products and services that individually meet the requirements of the customers. To have an age over the competition is a must to stay on the top, and Securus Technologies achieve it by ensuring that it focuses on research and development. It has helped the company in developing some of the cutting-edge technologies that have much benefited the correctional field.


Securus Technologies understand that the competition is fierce and to survive, the company has to not only develop better products and services but grow at the same time. The company recently acquired Jpay Inc, which is a company that primarily dealt with providing money transfer services. However, there is a range of other services Jpay facilitated like giving access to education, jobs, and music to the inmates. Acquiring Jpay Inc has helped Securus Technologies in expanding its base in the correctional sphere and also added to its technological base, which is what is desperately required in today’s date to stay ahead.


Securus Technologies continues to receive positive feedback from its customers for its quality services, and the company published many of these comments through a press release in recent times. It has helped in creating an awareness in the market about how the company is contributing towards developing a favorable environment for the inmates and the safer community overall by equipping law enforcement agencies with high-tech investigative solutions.



February 01, 2018

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Customer Experience

Let’s face it: building up an online store can be hard. With so much competition in the space creating an online store and selling products or services can really be difficult. You need an edge to be able to successfully beat your competitors and guarantee that customers come to your online store instead of theirs. But gaining this edge can also be hard because it seems like everyone has a beautiful website with great products with prices that everyone has. Many business owners do not know how to gain an edge and an advantage over their competition. This is where sentient AI comes in. This AI can do many things such as manage your business, but one of the best thing it can do is to enhance the customer experience so that your customers come to your online store when they need to buy products, not your competitor’s online stores.

Sentient AI can really help support when your customers have questions or concerns. For example, AI can read through an email or a chat message and decide the best response. If your online store receives an email from a customer asking if they have a certain product, AI can easily tell them yes or no quickly so that they can come to your online store and buy the product. Another great thing sentient AI can do to enhance your online store’s customer experience is to ensure that your online store looks great. It can use various testing methods to ensure that your products are easily viewable and can be quickly bought by your customers. If your online store cannot be seen on mobile devices, you are losing out on hundreds of customers. Since most people shop on their phones and devices now when they do their online shopping, you need to be sure that your online store looks beautiful and is easily looked through on mobile. With sentient AI, you can be sure that you have a partner and not just an employee in your business to help you along the way.

Owning an online store can be stressful but with AI you have a partner that you do not have to pay and does not take breaks. Allow sentient AI to manage your online store and to make sure that your customer’s experience is the best that it can be and that you do not have to worry about if your customers are having a bad experience on your online store.