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September 30, 2019

Boris Ivanov Gazprom On The Importance Of People Skills In Business

Businessperson and investor, Boris Ivanov Gazprom finds it ironic that there are so many self-centered people who enter into the field of business. This is strange to him because the industry is, by definition, extremely people-centric, and if you are unable to be selfless in determining how you can improve the lives of the public, it is unlikely that you will be able to come up with a new breakthrough in the world of business. This is why Boris Ivanov Gazprom believes that those who are truly devoted to their craft tend to chase after their goals with an unparalleled level of effort.

They are moved by the prospect of helping others, and this is a goal that surpasses any material motivation one could possibly conceive. He is thankful for the vast amount of intrinsic motivation he has been able to be moved by over the course of his life, as he knows that much of this has to do with your genetic makeup.

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While he has heard that anyone can simply elevate themselves out of their position of difficulty if they set their mind to it, Boris Ivanov Gazprom holds a bit of a more realistic view of the world. He recognizes that those who are in trouble need assistance before they can start to make their own lives begin to work again. He sees it as his duty, therefore, to provide help to someone who needs it. He always reminds himself that you never truly know what is going on in another person’s mind, and for this reason, you should always treat others with respect. If you cannot do this, it is likely that you will not find a place for yourself in the business community.

When it comes to the community of his own company, Boris Ivanov Gazprom finds that he is extremely selective. Only those who genuinely hold a passion for their field of study are able to find a job among the ranks of him, and this is not because he is conceited. Rather, he holds a great level of respect for his colleagues who are motivated, and he wants to continuously provide them with like-minded coworkers.

September 29, 2019

Running The Family Business With Gino Pozzo

The passion for football is something that has been in the Pozzo Family for a very long time. They have always had sports clubs and have been actively involved in Football Fantasy Leagues. They know a lot about the game and they are very passionate for it. Gino Pozzo was born into this family and he was taught the passion for the game at a very young age.

At the age of eighteen Gino left his family to travel to the United States to start his life by going to college at Harvard University. After graduating from Harvard, he married the love of his life and moved back to Spain to start his life with her. In 2013 he and his family relocated to London where he started helping to run a football club called Vicarage Road.

He knew a lot about this business because he grew up around it. He knew what all it took to make this type of business successful. Gino Pozzo was known as the family mastermind. They always had him involved and ready to run the family business. He seemed to know more about running the business than anyone else in the family.

In 2012 the family purchased the Watford Club. When they purchased this club, it was very much in debt and Gino Pozzo did a lot of the work to turn the club around and make it successful. The family was very happy with the success that Gino made with that club and they knew that he is exactly what they needed to help their business withstand many years.

Gino Pozzo went through a lot of years of studying and schooling to learn everything that he needed to learn to be successful as running a business. He has successfully run the business for many years and he and the family have high hopes that he is going to continue to run the business for a long time into the future.