Joe Fagan

Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

November 15, 2019

Dr. Jejurikar of Dallas Offer Summer-Friendly Procedures

The summer comes faster than people realize, leaving many wondering how they can look their best when the hot weather arrives. Diet and exercise help, and so do various cosmetic procedures. Depending upon someone’s needs, a particular process could improve appearances. Cosmetic surgery changes thanks to the periodic arrival of new procedures. Researching the procedures helps with making decisions about what particular one is preferable. BodyTite treatments represent a way to eliminate fat deposits in smaller areas such as the chin and upper arms. The procedure can also deliver some improvements in areas where target fat deposits collect, such as the abdomen.

Through utilizing radio frequency technology, the BodyTrite method provides a minimally invasive alternative to plastic surgery. Another procedure that surprises people is a breast augmentation process that involves a fat transfer. Instead of enlarging the breasts through implants, fat gets removed from one area and transferred to the breasts. The procedure is more than a breast augmentation one. The transfer leads to slimming down in the area where the fat was removed. So, areas with excess fat buildups become treated during the breast augmentation procedure.

Dermal fillers appeal to people interested in improving their skin. Tone and texture, in particular, gain enhancements from dermal fillers. A relatively new process involves using Hyaluronic acid as a filler. Hyaluronic acid comes from plants, which may appeal to people who prefer more natural approaches. The acid has an effect on skin cells, which could improve moisture and texture. In the Dallas, TX, area, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar provides these services and several more. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan, and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jejurikar maintains affiliations with both the Pine Creek Medical Center and the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman.

November 14, 2019

Alexis Kennedy

Alexis Kennedy Making the Most of the Indie Games Market

Alexis Kennedy has been building games for more than a decade. In 2010, he founded Failbetter Games where he developed Fallen London and other games based on story. In 2016, he founded Weather Factory in London along with Lottie Bevan and launched the card-based Cultist Simulator as a Kickstarter. The project went past its $38,152 goal, accumulating $104,283 in funding, and was published by Playdigious in 2018 for PC and in for mobile the following year.

Alexis Kennedy began indie game developing on a six-month hiatus from his consulting job. Though the way got a bit tricky, it’s paid off for Kennedy and Weather Factory.

Kennedy prefers to measure success in terms of making fun games and having fun doing it and not putting financial gain first. He characterizes this as the pursuit of the indie, which is to focus on one thing, whether it’s fun, profit or safety, and to make that one thing the most important priority.

This approach has led to a somewhat more proprietary design. Since the game is based on the point of view of a scholar of the occult striving to see the other side of the exterior world, learning the rules of the game is a similar process of discovery. This has proved polarizing for the audience and a challenge in terms of communicating the value of the game and gaining an audience.

However, Weather Factory has achieved a consistent following by trusting in the ingenuity and attention of a niche market that would be impractical for larger developers to pursue.

At the same time, one of Weather Factory’s future prospects is a title centered on a librarian’s managerial duties in an occult library, which would be somewhat less dark-toned and have a more even learning curve.

Cultist Simulator is available on PC and Mobile through App Store, GOG, Steam,, Humble and Google Play