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July 08, 2019

Interview with entrepreneur and director Stratford Shields


Stratford Shields is known to be the managing director of Loop Capital Markets, which is a firm in the finance industry based out of Chicago. Prior to becoming a banker, he was the president of the state and a director at the Ohio Office of Management and Budget. He recaps at the start of the interview stating how he plans his days out as it all starts with waking up early, working at the office, followed by meeting with clients. He mentions that a huge part of it is spent brainstorming what he wants to cover with each individual and that it can change depending on if he travels or not. One productive habit that he mentions is that he reads and keeps up to date on the latest news in business. It not only helps so he knows what’s going on in the world but it helps when he meets up with clients. Some advice that he offers to others that he had to go through at a younger age was to not listen to all the negativity that others can throw at an individual and to always think about some way to do something better and to not be afraid of failure because it makes people better in the long run. Stratford Shields shares that his best aspect is in his attention to detail that assists him when doing business with clients or in completing other tasks. He shares advice for other entrepreneurs to know their clients and to work with people who value the ideas of the company. Some obstacles that he reflects on early as an entrepreneur was in chasing business that wasn’t going to work out in the first place. He learned to be more realistic and recommends the book “Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis.