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August 13, 2019

A Look At Brazilian Oil Company Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal is a Brazilian company that focuses on the development and production of complex projects in the engineering, construction, and procurement industries. Toyo Setal is a subsidiary of TS Participacoes e Investimentos SA. The company offers oil & gas, chemical, fertilizer, and infrastructure services. The company tries to meet the individual needs of every client. Every project is completed with sustainability and profitability in mind. Toyo Setal was honored at The AVEVA World Summit.

AVEVA World Summit

Toyo Setal received the Innovations in Engineering Project Integration award. Toyo used the named EPC Portal to help initiate internal and external technical dialogue with other EPC Systems. The EPC Portal is an information management solution that helps merge all of the enterprise development solutions into a single platform. Using a single platform increases the productivity, which results in better project designs.


The origins of Toyo Setal can be traced back to Toyo agreeing to partner with Setal Oil and Gas on a new project in the oil sector. The project included innovative refining and maritime construction activities. Setal believed that Toyo would be a great partner as they sought to increase their share in the Brazilian Oil and Gas market. Toyo and Setal helped develop Estaleiros do Brazil on the South Coast of Rio Grande do Sul. The project also included the installation of an on-site shipyard that processes thousands of tons of steel every year. Toyo and Setal previously worked together on some oil refining work.

Partnering With Petrobras

Toyo recently announced that they will oversee the construction of a Petrobras hydrogen power plant in Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro. The billion dollar project will be part of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical complex. Toyo will be in charge of the hydrogen plant’s equipment, materials, and installation. The Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex is considered one of Petrobras’ most important projects.

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