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April 08, 2019

Rebel Wilson does it again

When New Line Cinema announced, Rebel Wilson would star in there new comedy Isn’t it romantic fans were elated. As expected Rebel Wilson did not disappoint. She plays Natalie a woman who during an attempted mugging hits her head on a steel post only to wake up after an 18-hour coma.

From then on everything to an upside down world in which everything plays out like a romantic comedy. Following its release on February 13, it has received praise from critics, and her performance has been especially praised. For Rebel Wilson, this was an excellent way to start the New Year. She will be starring in cats later on, and the anticipation from her fans can already be felt. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Rebel Wilson has become so good in musical comedy to such an extent that every role she plays in in that genre is expected to be exceptional. Most Americans only came to learn about her talent when she moved to America.

However, Rebel Wilson had been acting for a number of years in the Australian film industry. She began performing in High school before she joined the Australian Theatre for young people where she graduated in 2003. In her home country, she landed a number for example in the comedy series Pizza, The Wedge, Brogan Pride which she wrote and starred in as well as the Bargain which she won a Tropfest award for.

Her move to the United States, however, helped crafted the actress she is today. She has been able to feature in a number of high profile roles, and despite having a star-studded cast, she is still able to claim her place rightfully.

In the movie Pitch Perfect, Fat Amy was definitely the breakout star a character played by Rebel Wilson. Her talent house William Morris Endeavor in fact admitted at one time to not ever having someone like her in their books.

As she turned 39 Rebel Wilson was treated to a surprise party by her friends. They went out for cake classes and later on shared a choreographed danced nicknamed Catzercise which she shared with her fans on Instagram.

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