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August 07, 2019

Unroll Me Saves Inboxes from Clutter

There’s a very easy to use email subscription service called Unroll Me that can help you unclutter your inbox. Unroll Me can undo your cluttered inbox stemming from your zeal to sign up for email subscriptions to receive deals, alerts, newsletters, and political emails. Most of the time, these emails are never read, and they only clutter your inbox obscuring the important one that you do want to read. Unroll Me is the perfect solution to your unwanted email problem and will enable you to reclaim your inbox with the most minimal effort. Further, its web interface is so simple that you’ll find it to be really easy to use. Unroll Me’s simple web interface brings up all your email subscriptions, allowing you to unsubscribe from those that you don’t read with a click of your mouse. This means that you don’t have to delete each email individually. Another upside to using Unroll Me is that it’s free. 

Those interested in using Unroll Me can do so by signing in at its website with one of the number of affiliates associated with Unroll Me, including Yahoo, Google, Microsoft Outlook, or AOL. You can also sign in using an email address. Once set up and signed in, all of your existing email subscriptions will be on display on the screen for your management. To cancel any email subscription, all you have to do is click on unsubscribe next to those that you want to remove. It’s that simple. To continue receiving emails from certain email subscriptions, click Add to Rollup next to them. This will add them to the daily newsletter that Unroll Me will send you daily. These rollups may be viewed as a list or a grid depending on your preference. You may unsubscribe from any of these rollups any time you want. Unroll Me users may also choose to receive a monthly notice of his or her new email subscriptions.

July 25, 2019

Bridging the Gap: ClassDojo Connecting Parents and Teachers

One major issue in the field of education is how parents and teachers communicate with one another. ClassDojo, a messaging technology company, is bridging this gap.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Chaudhary and Don both felt frustrated that teachers could not provide parents with in-depth information or analysis about a student’s progress. For them, one parent teacher conference a month was not enough.

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The ClassDojo app works by allowing the teacher to provide parents a daily breakdown of the class activities. During class, the parent receives messages directly from the teacher regarding the child’s class room behavior, conduct, and work ethic. This real time information keeps parents engaged with their child’s academic development and builds a better relationship between the parent and the teacher.

The expansion of ClassDojo over the years is seen as a positive sign in the education tech industry. Since 2011, the use of the app grew by 95 percent with one out of every six families in United States primary schools using the app. The valuation of the ClassDojo company is also seeing a rapid increase; so far in 2019, ClassDojo raised $35 million. The app is now available in over 180 countries outside the United States.

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