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January 29, 2019

Hair Care Hacks that Will Improve Your Looks

A lot of thought and skill go into keeping your hair care on check. It is not enough to go around buying shampoos and conditioners. There a lot of hair care advice out there. People will tell you to go for new IT things, try this type of shampoo and many other things. This article will focus on the essential things that have proven efficient in keeping your hair health on check.

The diet is very important when in pursuit for good hair-care. The things in diet that are very important include proteins and iron. The hair cells are the fasted growing cells in the human body. However, in the face of malnutrition, they are the first to be affected. It is recommended to eat iron-rich foods including fish, leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, chickpea and cereals. In fact, doctors recommend about 12 mg iron intake on a daily basis to boost your hair health. Proteins are also very important in strengthening your hair. Proteins are gotten from foods that are rich in amino acids including milk, cheese, peas, lentils, quinoa, soy and yogurt.

If after doing your part, you will need an expertise in the field to give you the red-carpet hair you need. Hair designers such as Chaz Dean will transform your hair into beautiful flowers on your head that will leave your friends asking the common question, where did you get it done? Chaz Dean is part of WEN by Chaz Dean, a very popular brand for women. WEN Hair Care Boutique cleansing conditioner retailer has developed many new products and has served many clients. Chaz Dean has done styling for fashion shows or award shows.

If you’re to achieve the hairstyle you’ve always dreamed of, you’ve to change how you do things as far as hair care is concerned. When you cannot reach top eBay brands such as Wen by Chaz Dean to do your hair, some skills such as the art of deep conditioning will come in handy. Furthermore, after you get that beautiful hair style done, you should know how to maintain it to last longer. It is advisable not to expose your hair into too much heat. For more hair care concerns, head over to the website.

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June 30, 2017

Lime Crime Founder, Doe Deere, Does Mornings The Right Way

Each person is unique, and so is their morning routine. So naturally we were curious about the morning rituals of Doe Deere, founder of beauty products brand Lime Crime. Doe has the enviable ability of naturally waking up when she decides she wants to, and prefers to wake at 8:30 AM each day, after getting a full nine hours rest. She accredits her sleep schedule for her clear skin, and states that she welcomes each morning by drinking pure water and contemplating her day.

Up next is breakfast, followed by light stretching. Her favorite breakfast item is grits, a form of hot cereal beloved by many southerners. Doe also enjoys yogurt, oatmeal, and orange juice- after all, variety is the spice of life!

The calendar on her phone is her go-to resource for remembering what each day has in store. She checks on the team chat set up for her company as soon as she wakes, and stays in touch before even reaching the office. Doe Deere likes to steer clear of too many digital distractions in the morning though and focus on creativity. One way she does this is by listening to music while putting on her signature eye-catching makeup.

Deere uses a rose scented face wash to start the process and states her favorite part of applying makeup is the blush and lipstick choices for the day. She tends to stay in pink and red hues such as “Pink Velvet”, “Rustic”, or “Red Velvet” from her Matte Velvetine line at Lime Crime. Her makeup takes anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour to apply, depending on where she is going that day, or if she feels like indulging in some extra pampering time.

As her hair is already dry from showering the night before, Deere has time to curl her locks to show off her signature purple hair. Then she takes time to enjoy her two cats before heading into the office around noon. Work days are full of meetings and can last until midnight if needed, so it’s easy to see why Doe Deere loves her creative mornings.

Lime Crime products are as creative as Deere herself, and feature a wide variety of unicorn hair colors, unique lip colors, sparkly lip textures, blushes, eye shadows, and pop-on nails. Consumers worldwide love embracing their own unique look with a little help from Lime Crime.

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