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June 02, 2019

OSI Industries: The Story of an Immigrant Entrepreneur

Over time, OSI Industries has grown from a local meat shop to a global entity with over 65 processing plants in 17 countries. Since its inception, the company has strived to offer unique food products which have ensured that it has maintained its global position as one of the largest privately owned corporation in the USA. Unknown to many, the company started as a local meat shop in 1909 in Illinois. Otto Kolchowsky, the founder, had just arrived from Germany by boat. Two years after his arrival, Otto opened a family-based meat shop. As the business began making profits, he relocated the shop to the Maywood suburbs.

By the end of 1928, the local shop had already grown its reputation as one of the best local meat shops. It is during this time that its name changed to Otto & Sons. Following this change, the business embarked in making a solid footprint around its community. Years later, they began venturing outside their area. However, their most significant break came when they made a partnership with Ray Kroc, which has proved vital until today. During that year, Ray Kroc bought the franchising rights from two Irish brothers, hence owning the word McDonald’s. Its first restaurant was based in Des Plaines, and their sole supplier was to be Otto & Sons.

By the end of 1973, OSI Industries had opened their first meat processing plant, which was designed to cater to the growing demand. The plant which was located in West Chicago involved the use of liquid nitrogen, which was meant to preserve meat products. By the end of 1975, the company was known as OSI Industries; the O and S were to act as a reminder of their past. By 1990, OSI Industries had made various key partnerships that would boost its global reach. For instance, its partnership with General Million Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation allowed for the formation of GenOSI. This would allow the companies to ship foods to the Philippines.

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June 02, 2019 Introduces Its Customers to New Zealand Fruits

As the world becomes more health conscious, people begin looking for more interesting ways to satisfy their food cravings with healthy foods. While some struggle to find the right venues to explore, customers simply need to visit the online store and explore there. is China’s largest retailer of many things, but fresh fruit provider is a newly acquired title. As the need for more healthy choices behind salads and fish were demanded, JD formed a partnership with Zespri and Rockit Global Limited, two New Zealand-based fruit vendor companies. The more popular of the two, Zespri, recently delivered its first shipment of kiwifruit.

Since introduced to JD’s massive consumer pool, the companies’ high-quality kiwifruit and small apples have become beloved by more than 300 million customers. Over the years, China’s dependence on imported goods has skyrocketed, much to the efforts of

According to JD’s big data analysis, the sales of imported fruits are up 20 percent from the previous two years. While older people still buy local products, younger people seem more drawn to imported products, especially middle-class women, who are health-conscious and focused on nutrition. Also, most people living in one and two-tier cities.

This partnership isn’t only beneficial for and its Chinese consumers. The partnership also created and cemented thousands of jobs in New Zealand. Supplying China with enough fresh kiwifruit requires 18,000 jobs in New Zealand, 2,600 of which are fruit growers. Currently, kiwifruit is the country’s most exported fruit.

In the last two years, since Zespri started working with JD, it’s used JD’s large, cold-chain logistics network to leverage itself within the Chinese markets. Selling through 7FRESH, one of JD’s offline grocery stores, Zespri was able to reach more customers, providing its growers with more steady work.

The reason that so many international food-based companies work with is its logistics network. JD is the most advanced online retailer, ensuring its partners that their products will reach customers in the best conditions.

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