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June 25, 2019

How Rick Shinto Play A Significant Role In Making InnovaCare Health A Huge Brand

Today, every industry has become competitive with many players trying to clinch to the market leader positions. InnovaCare Health is one such company that strives to provide quality and inexpensive healthcare services in North America. Although based in New Jersey, InnovaCare Health has its significant clientele base settled in Puerto Rico boasting of over 200000 members and 7500 network providers. The organization’s ability to bring affordability and quality under one concept makes it a favorite among many Puerto Ricans. InnovaCare specializes in providing Medicare Advantage and Medicaid program health plans in a bid to accomplish its mission.

Since its inception, InnovaCare has grown tremendously and made moves towards accomplishing its goals. We cannot ignore the force behind these strategic moves, and incredibly managed healthcare models that keep InnovaCare Health at the top of its game. The organization’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rick Shinto, takes credit for the development and growth in the company. He is backed by his rich educational background where he earned his medical degree from the State University of New York. Shinto also holds an MBA from the University of Redlands. Later, he accumulated valuable experience both in medical practice and managed healthcare. Rick’s portfolio reads his service time in multiple reputable institutions such as CalOptima, MedPartners, NAMM, Aveta, and MMM healthcare; all executive positions.

With over twenty years of experience, dedication, and tenacity to see the healthcare system deliver quality services to patients, his efforts didn’t go unnoticed. While serving in Aveta Inc, Rick Shinto was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year. He went further ahead to bag one of Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare Awards in 2018 while at InnovaCare Health.

In 2016, after announcing that InnovaCare Health would bring in three executives to the leadership panel, Rick also revealed the company’s plan to join the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. The program would initiate more quality-based services rather than usual quantity-based concepts. InnovaCare Health seems to be headed in the right direction with Dr. Rick Shinto behind the wheel.

June 24, 2019

Shervin Pishevar Tweets About His Success As A Predictor Of Financial Falls

The predictions of Shervin Pishevar during his epic 21-hour Twitter rant about a range of subjects affecting the financial sector have proven to be largely correct. Pishevar has been at the top of the financial sector and technology investing for a number of years and got in on the ground floor with Uber and Airbnb. During his 21-hour tweet storm, Pishevar gave the world a series of predictions regarding the future of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the technology sector around the world.

Shervin Pishevar began tweeting the success of his predictions in February 2018 when the stock market of the U.S. fell by over 1,000 points. The close confidant of President Obama and member of the J. William Fullbright Scholarship Fund made a series of predictions about the future of the stock market including his theory that a fall of between 5,000 and 6,000 points was just around the corner. In the end, the stock market did not fall as fas as initially expected but Pishevar stated he was vindicated by the fall he had seen.

Alongside his successful prediction regarding the stock market fall, the cryptocurrency markets should have been watching the Tweetstorm from Shervin Pishevar. The successful investor is known for the chances he is willing to take on startups, such as his early decisions to invest in Uber and Airbnb. In recent time, Pishevar has become closely linked to the work he has been completing on the Virgin Hyperloop rail service which will span the U.S. underground.

The burgeoning cryptocurrency markets have been the subject of a series of problems in the last decade with huge surges and damaging falls. Pishevar believes in the decision to invest in new markets from successful innovators such as his Hyperloop mentor, Elon Musk. One aspect of the technology sector which Shervin Pishevar believes in is Bitcoin where the investor believes huge gains will soon be made. As the use of cryptocurrencies grows around the world, the price of Bitcoin should stop being measured using the huge peaks and troughs of its early years.