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August 25, 2019

Bhanu Choudhrie Has A Lot To Be Proud About When It Comes To The Growth And Success Rates At His Aviation Academy:

Alpha Aviation Academy is a renowned training school for pilots that have gained international acclaim. The organization is the creation of longtime investor, philanthropist, and businessman Bhanu Choudhrie. He is an individual who is greatly enthusiastic about the field of aviation and the pilot’s trade and created the academy as a way to provide training for a new generation of passionate pilots. Bhanu Choudhrie and his team with Alpha Aviation Academy were recently thrilled at being able to celebrate 10 years of operation with the organization. This is a major milestone and everyone involved with getting the firm to this point was proud of what they have accomplished. Want to learn more about Bhanu Choudrie click here.

The Bhanu Choudhrie created academy has gained acclaim for many positive factors including its high rate of graduation success and impressive placement rates. This has led the operation to become the Middle East’s leading pilot training program. The academy trains new pilots but also provides training enhancement to pilots who are already experienced. Alpha Aviation Academy is also notable for its diversity and its dedication to including women in its program. The two-year program also recently announced that it was bumping up its age limit to 35 now.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a renowned and decorated entrepreneur and philanthropist and Alpha Aviation Academy is just one of his many accolades. He is also the creator of C&C Alpha Group and has in the past been named as the Entrepreneur of the Year. The businessman holds degrees from both Boston University and the Harvard School of Business and he has utilized this strong background to succeed in the world of private equity as well as many global industries such as hospitality, restaurants, real estate and, of course, the aviation field.

One of the factors that really make Alpha Aviation Academy go is the fact that Bhanu Choudhrie and his team have gone to great efforts to build relationships with major airline companies around the world. This benefits the students who study at the academy because it assists them in finding placements upon the completion of their training. This is one of many items on the list that have made Alpha Aviation Academy such a strong program.

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August 21, 2019

Steve Ritchie- From Customer Service Rep to Papa John’s CEO.

On January 1st, 2018, Papa John’s appointed Steve Ritchie as the new CEO. Mr. Ritchie currently serves as the CEO and President of the third-largest pizza delivery business in the world. Steve brings an experience of more than 20 years under the company in his new leadership role.

Steve Ritchie has served in multiple roles at Papa John’s. His love for pizza started at a young age when he bought a pizzeria for $16,000 at 18 years. Initially, he worked in a Burger King restaurant at 16 years. After several successful robberies, the restaurant owner sold it to Mr. Ritchie, who worked tirelessly over the next two years to keep the joint going. The experience equipped Steve Ritchie with the requisite skills to operate a business.

Interestingly, Mr. Ritchie did not attend college but instead dedicated himself to learning while working under Papa John’s. His decision paid off and currently, Steve Ritchie stands as one of the unique success stories given his lack of a formal college education. He started his career with Papa John’s with a $6 hourly pay as a customer service representative. Over the years, Steve worked his way up and served as a delivery driver, a store manager, and director of operations. In 2010, he joined Papa John’s as a franchise owner who grew his experience in leadership roles.

In 2014, Steve Ritchie was promoted to Chief Operating Officer before landing his role as the President in 2015. Three years later, Papa John’s named Steve Ritchie as the new Chief Executive Officer. Admittedly, Mr. Ritchie’s rise to the top is nothing short of impressive, given that he has been in the company for more than 20 years.

It is no secret that Papa John’s promotes its employees to leadership positions within their restaurants. This company culture has seen the pizza giant continue to expand internationally. Currently, Papa John’s operates more than 5000 restaurants and employs more than 120,000 individuals at the corporate and franchise level.

As CEO, Steve Ritchie will promote the company brand and oversee global development. He will also participate in the company’s digital marketing. The company recently hired Mike Nettles as the Chief Information and Digital Officer and Brandon Rhoten as the Chief Marketing Officer. These recent hires are set to improve the company’s digital footprint. More importantly, the new employees will improve the Papa John’s corporate team.