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February 16, 2020

Sean Tissue


Have you ever considered getting into real estate? Almost every professional out there has considered it at some point or another. The real estate industry is booming right now and it’s time to strike to iron while it’s hot. Unfortunately, many people do not consider the factors that need to be covered before you can actually start generating passive income from rental properties. Many people give up whenever they consider the time investment necessary to get the job done. Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals consider all of the aspects of the job and become overwhelmed. This is why turnkey real estate can benefit you and help you get started in the world of real estate.

What is Turnkey Real Estate?

Turnkey real estate utilizes a middleman company that helps you handle all of the steps necessary in order to get your rental property set up. As an example, Centureon Investments is a turnkey real estate company that helps you discover, secure, clean up, present, and market rental properties. Their mission is to help you take care of the small details that can otherwise bog down your professional life. It is no secret that handling rental properties consists of enough work to be a full-time job. This is where turning to a turnkey real estate company comes into play.


Benefits of Turnkey Real Estate

One of the biggest benefits of turnkey real estate is that your to-do list will become much smaller. Real estate expert Sean Tissue knows this better than anyone else and encourages people who want to get into the industry turn to turnkey real estate. Fortunately, the best time to invest is now. Real estate is one of the hottest forms of generating passive income and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

February 14, 2020

Paul Saunders, James River, and The Path to Success


James River Capital Corp. (“James River”) is head quartered in Richmond, Virginia. In 1995, James River became an independent investment firm after separating from its parent branches, KP Futures Management Corp and Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. (“Kidder”). Founders Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt acquired James River from Kidder and registered the firm as an Investment Advisor with SEC. Additionally, James River is registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator with the CFTC.

Paul Saunders has been the Chief Executive Officer of James River since 1995. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. and from the University of Chicago with an M.B.A. Before he mastered investment and trading, Saunders worked in investment banking at Warburg Paribas Becker and A.G. Becker. Saunders became the President of KP Futures Management Corp. until he acquired and developed the firm into James River Capital Corp. He is a successful entrepreneur, a family man, and passionate about supporting charitable causes, including his own charity organization, the Saunders Family Foundation.

Saunders suggests that seeking leadership opportunities, a commitment to excellence, and strong listening skills are among the principles he followed to achieve success. Saunders paved his way to becoming CEO by working hard to exceed his superiors’ expectations. By assuming the attitude of a leader, Saunders carried himself with the confidence and charisma required to spearhead James River. Saunders also recommends becoming an expert in your line of work while remaining open to constructive criticism. Don’t be afraid to teach your coworkers how to improve their performance–in the process, you may make influential contacts for future business prospects. It’s never a bad idea to make your superior or coworker feel important.