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May 11, 2019

Wes Edens Makes a Name for Himself through His Career

Wes Edens is an investor, entrepreneur, and at the Fortress Investment Group, he is the co-founder. Also, at the Milwaukee Bucks, he is the owner of the basketball team. From all the endeavors that he has had in the past, he has ensured that he made an impact. In 1998, that’s when Wes took part in co-founding the company, and he has overseen its growth from private equity to become a global management firm. It has a different partner all over the world, making the assets that they manage to be $42 billion. Over the years, Fortress Group has invested in so many different areas like healthcare, energy, real estate, infrastructure, and media.

Under the leadership of Wes Edens. The company has undertaken a different project like in Miami and Florida rail lines, and Financing Brightline. Also, he took part in the establishment of the New Fortress energy so that the process of providing energy was made easy through the use of new and modern infrastructures. Apart from him being good in his career, he likes to invest in sports. In 2014, that’s when he purchased Milwaukee Bucks, a move that oversaw the club’s fortunes boosted. Currently, they are on the same level as teams that were above them.

The goal that he has for the team is that they will be able to return on the position they had on the premier league back in 1992. In 2016, the interest that he has shown in sport was possible for Wes Edens to receive the e-sports market share worth $500 million. Together with the help of his wife they have come up with ways that they can give back to the community. They offer their support socially and financially in the foundation that cares about improving education worldwide. That is how Wes Edens shows his philanthropic side. The other thing is that he came up $2 million to take care of the Edens professorship at the Global Health College. Their main focus is that they will eliminate the challenges and diseases. They plan to do so by offering the hospitals with needed facilities.

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May 21, 2017

Jason Halpern Injects New Blood in the Real Estate Business through JHM

While the real estate business seems easy and fun to invest in, most people do not understand that real estate involves more than just being people friendly or people’s person. Real estate entails passion, careful execution of strategies and commitment in terms of helping people. For a real estate agent to grow business in the industry there is the need to understand the demands of the clients including an individual’s culture, passion, style, and taste. That is why Jason Halpern is celebrated for combining talent and passion in running the third generation family business, JHM.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property


Jason is the founder as well as managing partner of JHM Properties. He is from a third generation company of real estate development. JHM has an excellent record of stellar experience that dates back to fifty years. Under the leadership of Halpern, JHM has helped families and business professionals in constructing residential as well as commercial homes in Westchester County. The company has developed more than millions of square feet A Class commercial premises in the county of Westchester. It has taken Jason Halpern expertise and unique talent to oversee business at JHM. He combines talent, vision, and foresight to acquire and develop several innovative buildings according to client’s instructions, preference, and style. Jason has been involved in the acquisition of several historically marked buildings to customer’s satisfaction.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Work Rapport

The significant difference between Jason and other property developers is his commitment to developing friendly working relationships. This is Jason’s selling point. He has used this strategy to build a market niche by building premises in historic buildings. Jason builds rapport from within the cities he projects on building in. He has a soft spot for historic sites and states that his relationship with the people of the society is based on the statement that an individual should respect the community in which they develop. This is a primary principle that offers guidance to Jason and JHM.


Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason is a lover of humanity. He allocates most of his time and resources to charity in the community. He has massively invested in a trauma center called the Joel A. Halpern. It is geographically located in Westchester Medical Center. The facility has open heart surgery equipment and services, complex emergency cases, neurosurgery as well as orthopedic surgery. The facility also offers services linked to the reattachment of erupted limbs. The center also takes care of burnt victims and people with deep-severe internal injuries that pose a threat to life.


Jason’s Family

It is evident that Jason Halpern is dedicated to offering clients the best homes and commercial offices through JHM. Jason combines his passion and charisma in making the dreams of his clients come true. He is the current head cheerleader of JHM and is in charge of operations.