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July 31, 2019

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and chairman of QI Group of Companies that specializes in several business sectors like financial, hospitality, retail, education, direct selling and marketing services. He is the CEO of QNET, which was formed in 1998 with specialty in direct selling and marketing. The company uses e-commerce application to offer its services. Dr. Eswaran wanted to setup a company that would reach very many people through online platform. After consultation with other partners, they decided to test direct selling business with already emerging e-commerce platform.

Vijay Eswaran established University in Malaysia where pioneer students are expected to graduate this year. According to the entrepreneur, this is an important milestone they have achieved so far. At the moment, the University is operating on a temporary campus based in Ipoh city, which is approximately two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. They have plans of establishing QI City that would include residential apartments, shopping mall, park, permanent campus and hostels for the students. Also, they will establish a teaching hospital to support medical programs for the university students.

The entrepreneur has learnt a lot from his journey to success. He transformed his academic approach of business plan, strategy, skills, capital and identified a common goal that would recognize and attract likeminded people. He believes that a business is shaped effectively when all staffs work as a team. For them to emerge as winners, they must assemble the best, train hard, design winning strategies, outdo the opponents and continue to improve on their techniques all the time. In this case, they ensure highly qualified professionals are recruited to work in their companies.

Vijay Eswaran is a philanthropist who established RYTHM Foundation a corporate social responsibility of the arm of QI Group of Companies. Also, he started a charity organization in Malaysia called Vijayaratnam Foundation that was named after his dad. He has used these foundations to initiate several social programs like mentorship and making donations to charities and individuals. Some years back, he was recognized as among 48 ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’ by Forbes Asia.

He was awarded the Malaysian Business Award as the CEO of the Year 2013, for his excellent executive role at QI Group of Companies. The MBA awards recognize innovations and excellent practices witnessed in entities across Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran thinks success is interwoven with some challenges. Entrepreneurs should focus on how to deal with such challenged when they are approached by them. He says success and failure are elements that would lead to growth if handled appropriately.

Vijay Eswaran has been interacting regularly with his customers in order to listen to their stories. As such, he is able to understand the clients’ needs and in case there are complaints, preventive measures are put in place avoid similar instances in future.

July 19, 2019

Glenn Schlossberg and The Thrill

To be like Glenn Schlossberg, essentially, a boss, one has to understand themselves and what they want out of this life and this world. Glenn Schlossberg, was able to do that early on, he knew what he wanted and he went after it with a passion. As such, he is the leader of a design and fashion group, and he has a need for speed.

Oh, Glenn Schlossberg loves to push the limits as well. But who is surprised by that, right? He is known to help you move forward in your life by helping you understand that you can push the boundaries in life. He was exposed to speed (not the drug) at a young age. He would try and race as much as possible when he was younger and would step into faster cars as soon as he could. Speed is what drove him, quite literally.

One can see that speed is a prevalent factor in his life in more ways than one.

Just look at his fashion lines, look at where he is, and how he got there.

Just look at his level of productivity.

Glenn emphasizes movement and making certain to get things done. From speed to productivity, Glenn Schlossberg will continue to push things forward with the right investments and making certain to do the right things with his time. He wants to impart the feeling of an elevated state to his audience members, he wants them to feel what he feels when he goes racing. That is why productivity, design, and engineering is near and dear to his heart.

According to, to find comfort in his way of being, be productive. Try the Sprints Method and keep yourself motivated. This method would give you what you want out of life will giving you a sense of balance as well.

This sense of balance while pursuing a higher and elevated way of being is what one needs to create amazing things and to make a great life overall. The better one is invested, the better one can do throughout their journey in life. To know more about Schlossberg you can visit