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December 21, 2018

JD.Com and Intel Get Together Again to Collaborate Technologies in Service of the Consumer

It seems as though is constantly being talked about these days; not solely because it leads the industry as China’s largest retailer; but also because the company is actually acting like a leader., or Jingdong, is constantly finding new ways to use its state-of-the-ark logistics network and infrastructure to improve areas that would otherwise be only barely related to its market, such as food production or transparency in the medical field. Now, JD.Com has partnered with Intel to create a joint lab for the purpose of finding even smarter retail solutions using IoT, or the Internet of Things. Intel architecture shows that the Digitized Retail Joint Lab will seek to develop new and improved technologies, from next-level solutions for media and advertising to new, advanced vending machines.

Intel and are working together on this project, after successful work as a team in the past including the merge of Intel’s OpenVINO architecture for computer vision and RRI edge computing with the in-place algorithms uses to analyze the traffic and purchasing habits of its customers; overall, to allow store owners to cater to the consumer needs. Though is a big player in the online retail game, it still cares about its own brick-and-mortar locations along with the existence of many offline stores in the country. The lab will combine’s and Intel’s collective strengths in order to create solutions for offline stores that competing online stores have by default, particularly with personalizing the shopping experience for consumers. is the most influential retailer in China and leads the industry in data-driven innovation for both online and offline retail; said by Intel’s VP Wei Chen, Intel is thrilled for the next-level partnership with Jingdong. preaches their RaaS Initiative, or the utilization of “retail as a service” to the consumers, and actually follows through by sharing the cutting edge advances in infrastructure and technology they have made with countless retailers through many industries, with the goal of revolutionizing global retail as a service. The overall retail ecosystem can be recreated in a sophisticated and advanced way using Jingdong’s capabilities and Intel’s technologies, bringing modernization to online and offline retail stores alike.

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September 18, 2018

Southridge Capital Helps Companies Stay Afloat That Might Have Otherwise Sank

If you are looking for a business that will help you cover all the bases on the startup of your business, you want to turn your attention to Southridge Capital. They are there to help you from the financial analysis of the investment to the signing of contracts and everything in between.


In order for you to be a public entity, there are certain steps that have to be followed. Southridge Capital knows this and has been there to address all concerns and expectations of their investors. It is through their advisory board that helps them to decide who is the best to invest with and why their business is worth investing into. Maintaining balance sheet optimization is vital to help companies keep balance between equity and debt.


Southridge Capital carries a great commitment to its services between the mergers and acquisitions portion. They grant access to the merging candidates that have created an existing portfolio to align easier access to the merger. You can visit their website



Southridge is helping others in the business field by helping them to find the best method for restructuring their business. There are team members that will meet with the companies to offer advice on the bankruptcy sector if the business is considering this as a method to get out of debt. They also offer advice on how you can come out of the bankruptcy to emerge as a better company in the end. Their settlement service is also a great help on clearly up any problems that the companies might have while going thru litigation. They will offer legal requirements that will help save time and expenses that will be incurred by the businesses they are helping.


Southridge Capital has been leading businesses down the right roads for many years. It has been under their direction that a number of businesses have been able to bounce back following a downward spiral. Without Southridge there to help, various companies would have failed and only been left to never hear from again. That is why before you ultimately decide to close down a business end, you should consult with those who can offer assistance to open doors to other options.


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