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November 12, 2019

Nitin Khanna – The man who is an inspiration now

Nitin Khanna is today a very successful entrepreneur who has successfully launched his two films, runs his own wine brewing company and manages one of the top cannabis oil-producing giant companies in the world. This guy has it all and he manages to still be a DJ in his nightclub in Portland. Nitin is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time and he managed to make everything profitable and excel that he decided to work on. He has achieved so much in a small time.

He is an Indian by birth and was raised in the small villages of India. He got admission to Purdue University and from there he completed his graduation in two subjects of engineering. After completing his graduation he started his own company called Saber Software that did very well and after some years this company was sold at 470 million US dollars. This was a huge success for Nitin Khanna.

He then joined Cura Cannabis which is an oil-producing company. He became CEO of the company and it soon became of the world’s highest oil-producing company. Nitin had been working hard on making the company one of the leading giants in the market and his hard work did pay off.

Nitin loves helping non-profit organizations in his local area. He is actively engaged in making the life of the people better there and helping the organization out for a noble cause.

Nitin started his film journey with an award-winning documentary “Terms and conditions may apply” which was an eye-opener for the people. The film focuses on the people’s right to privacy and security. The documentary portrays how large giant companies steal big data from us that are personal. It made the users aware of their security issues and the documentary held many big companies accountable for data leakage.

Another successful award-winning documentary was “what lies upstream” which also was loved by the public. The film focuses on the corruption and abuse of power by the large corporations and government alike depriving the public of their rights. Both documentaries established the arrival of Nitin in the film industry.

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June 02, 2019

Article Title: Learning From Jingdong Structure

Teams at have to move in a manner where they are motivated to do. They have to take action and stay constructive at Jingdong so that they can stay in line with the latest and greatest that is taking place within the world. This is certainly something that is hard to do, that means that this takes real work, it takes real people with real effort to place their stake within the world. Jingdong makes certain to be the one that will make a difference in the lives of their customers and they are able to do so by emphasizing action over continuous thinking. Jingdong has not gotten to where it has today by playing games of analysis paralysis.

To be similar to Jingdong employees and workers, teach yourself a few simple tricks.

Don’t Overthink – Act

There are a variety of scenarios which constitute to overthinking. Sure, pondering over a past discussion is something we all do. But thinking about it once or twice is different from thinking about it repeatedly and constantly, until you give yourself a headache.

When you notice these kinds of symptoms, it is time to assess your thought process and start taking steps to improve it.

Keep Yourself Busy

If you have a problem with overthinking, then you must have noticed that it happens the most when you are sitting idle. Your thoughts may creep up on you while you least expect them to, and take control of mind in a way that is not very pleasant.

That is why, Jingdong workers may advise you to keep yourself busy. That helps in minimizing the instances of overthinking that you have to go through. But it doesn’t mean that you have to bury yourself under copious amounts of work. It only means that you need to provide your mind with enough wholesome activity that it keeps itself busy in healthy manner.

That activity could come from watching a TV show; reading a book; working on recreational project; or simply indulging in some self-care. When your mind is occupied with doing things that you love, it provides you with a positive state of mind that could help you stave off overthinking in an easier manner.

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