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September 12, 2019

Steve Lesnard Discuses Maintaining a Balance Between Technology and Simple Approaches

When it comes to marketing new products in today’s fast-paced world, a fine balance between utilizing digital technologies and simple advertising techniques generally yields the best results.

In an article on the Medium website, marketing and consumer expert Steve Lesnard reveals that there are two basic principles that should be practiced when a product is being marketed these days.

One principle involves clearly articulating the benefits that a product can bring to consumers. Steve Lesnard mentions how Apple famously spotlighted the song storage capabilities of its iPod, and now prioritizes the safety aspects of its watch.

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Another use of effective marketing that Steve Lesnard brings up is how the Peleton company marketed their spinning bike. The company chose to focus on how the use of their bikes is like being in a personal, New York City-style exercise studio.

Showing how a product gets used in the real world is part of Steve Lesnard’s second marketing principle. With a wide range of technological tools to work with these days, marketers now have the opportunity to present new products in ways that accentuate the product’s most attractive features. To illustrate this principle, Steve Lesnard points to the successful advertising for Yeti coolers.