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May 24, 2019

Luke Lazarus Offering his Expertise to Start-Ups for their Growth

Luke Lazarus is one of the most distinguished and successful start-up consultants in business today. He has helped many start-up companies as well as companies that were looking to expand and grow further to achieve their business goals through his growth-planning and pin-pointed marketing strategies.

Luke Lazarus is known for his efficient and innovative marketing and business plans that he designs and develop as per the company’s vision and market research. Luke Lazarus is based in Melbourne, and he completed his MBA from the Melbourne Business School by the time he was just 24.

By the time he turned 33; Luke Lazarus already started and sold four companies successfully. It helped him to not only gain business experience but also helped him understand why many start-ups are failing, and the companies are unable to grow their business. As a passionate business consultant, he believes that the first step to success is developing a story for the brand that relates to the target audience and helps connect the brand with the people.

Luke says that many companies are unable to do cost-planning and budgeting efficiently, which hampers their cash flow and turns profits into losses. For any star-ups, developing financial models that are aligned with the business expansion models is very necessary. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

 Luke Lazarus believes that it is necessary for the new companies to do market research with primary and secondary research models, which would help in filtering out customer influence points and identifying segmented sectors in the market.

Luke Lazarus says that if a company is able to build a story that is synonym with its brand, it becomes much easier for the brand to penetrate the highly competitive market. One of the core strengths of Luke Lazarus is the business storytelling and creating concepts and brand based marketing stories, which attracts the attention of the target audiences as well as investors.

Luke says that once the brand story resonates with the target audience, it becomes easier for the companies to create a niche for itself in the industry.

When asked about the one thing that he would like to change about him, Luke Lazarus said that when he was young; he used to worry too much about his future. When other people were enjoying their lives, he was busy studying for a better future and never took a break.

He wants the younger generation to believe in their talents and face challenges as it comes instead of worrying about it too much. One should be confident and know their capabilities, and it is only then that others will believe it too. Today, he works hard but ensures that he takes out time for his family and to do things that he loves.

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