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July 30, 2019

Luke Lazarus Is Known For Sending Startups To Success

It’s never easy to start a business, but Luke Lazarus and his expertise can help his clients ensure that they have a better chance of success. He has started multiple successful companies throughout his career and he now serves as a startup consultant.

There are many different issues that entrepreneurs face during the process of creating and running a new business and some of them do not know how to approach the issues that they come across.

By speaking with Luke Lazarus, they are able to get a better idea of what they need to do to move forward with their company. One of the first things that the startup consultant does for his clients is to create a strong business plan that can be followed. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Medium and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler

When creating this business plan, Luke Lazarus tries to keep in mind both the strengths and weaknesses of the company while creating a story that tells stakeholders and customers who they are and what they are about.

Having a strong brand that is synonymous with the story of your company is something that the expert insists is of utmost importance to be successful. If a company can create a story that is part of the brand, it is likely that they will do well.

Another important part of creating a business is making sure that proper market research is performed. This is something that many startups who are experiencing problems have failed to do.

Luke Lazarus helps his clients through research models that help to show different influence points of potential customers as well as segmented markets. These research models also help to look at the competition and through this work, Luke Lazarus is able to help his clients realize the dreams that they have for their businesses.

Luke Lazarus is based in Australia in the city of Melbourne. He graduated from the Melbourne School of Business when he was only 24 years old with an MBA. Before he turned 33, the serial entrepreneur had already started and sold four different businesses during his career.

Around a decade later, Luke Lazarus is now able to spend his time helping businesses meet their goals during different stages of development. By providing honest and useful advice to his clients, he is able to help them develop their business in a way that is lined up for their goals for growth.

In order to stay productive, he tries to remember to record everything that he needs to remember in some way or another. He always carries a notebook with him everywhere he goes and will also take photos or taking notes on his phone. This method helps to remind him of what he needs to do and know during his day.

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June 05, 2019

Marc Beer Contributions to Biotechnology in Curbing Life-Threatening Diseases

The 21st century has seen a continuation of the medical advancement that started in the 20th century in the medical field. This includes diseases that were life-threatening, such as cancer and late-stage coronary diseases. The advancements in the treatment of deadly diseases are attributed to better medical procedures, knowledge protocols, and medicines. There is an increase in the collection of knowledge understanding and use of information which has been applied to biologic information used in studying genetics.


One notable figure who has contributed to medical advancement since the 1990s is Marc Beer. His work has been forward-looking with medical science focused on pharmaceutical products aimed at treating genetic problems.

Marc’s Foundation in the Biotech Industry

Marc Beer is the founder of Abbott Labs, which manufactures generic drugs as well as Genzyme, which is one of the leading biotech in the world. In 2000 Marc Beer co-founded ViaCell, a stem company which was mainly focused on the preservation of babies’ stem cells. He helped to build the company from scratch to multimillion biotech. ViaCell, however, was sold in 2007 to Perkins Elmer generating reasonable income for Marc Beer. 


The next big move for Beer was in 2010 when he got involved with Good Start Genetics, which was a pioneer for genetic testing systems. The company contributed greatly to high rates of pregnancy among couples seeking in-vitro fertilization. Good Start was later sold to Ivitae, which was a success for Marc Beer, who has shown that he could successfully guide a start-up to achieve success.


Marc Beer’s Contributions At Renovia Inc.


Today, however, Marc Beer has been involved in a new progressive start-up Renovia, he is the CEO and founder of the start-up. The startup has been key in helping women with pelvic disorders, the start-p promises complete revolution in the treatment of the disorders. Renovia does this without subjecting the women to surgery as it has come up with new medications that work for the pelvic floor.


According to Marc Beer, Dr. Sam Pulliam came up with the idea about how to help the 13 million women affected by pelvic floor disorders without causing severe problems. With his team, the doctor had come up with an evidence-based treatment that would work for most of the pelvic issues without surgery.


The projected needed someone with executive chops, and technical background and Marc Beer was the right candidate for this project. They had to convince him that this project could hit the real market and that it could result in ina high quality-of-life driver for millions of women. Although Renovia is still early in the business, it has been involved in successful biotech and medical start-ups. Learn more:


Marc Beer notes that working in the pharmaceutical industry is very involving and Capex-intensive, especially when dealing with drugs new to the market. However, working with professionals in the field will yield positive results as exerts make work easier as there is a need for many specialists in biotech.