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August 13, 2019

Steve Lesnard Says Marketers Need To Adjust Tactics With Digital Marketing

While many traditional time-tested and proven marketing techniques can still work their magic to sell products, Steve Lesnard advises sellers that those traditional tools work differently in today’s modern selling environment.

He’s talking about the online world and digital media. That means social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. Marketing in these digital realms means that what’s old must be made new again by using them in creative ways.

Steve Lesnard is considered by industry observers and business media pundits to be among the world’s most sought-after branding experts. His work with such industry giants as Nike and North Face have made him a proven commodity in the realm of driving positive exposure for products.

Lesnard said that too many sellers today are relying on social media to do all the hard work for them. That is, they think that all they need to do is blast images and slogans for their products across Facebook and expect people to buy them just because they see them. That’s not the way it works, he said.

Steve Lesnard advises marketers to develop highly focused, extremely simple and direct messages that communicate a benefit with an almost instant mental penetration. A classic example was Apple’s famous add for its iPod. It was a single, short, clipped line that read, “10k song in your pocket.” Nothing could be shorter and sweeter but this powerful phrase was one of the most successful slogans in recent years.

Lesnard admits that coming up with just the right short and powerful benefit message can be challenging – and yet it must be done. Furthermore, it can be done. Thousands of sellers are pulling off this feat successfully every day.

Steve Lesnard’s second element of expert advice is to “make it memorable.” He said advertising slogans and promotional campaigns must capture the imagination of the target audience. It must do that in a way that leaves behind a lasting effect – something people will remember for longer than the few microseconds they encounter a product as they scroll through Twitter or Facebook.

August 12, 2019

The Outstanding Blake Mallen

Blake Mallen is remarkable in the lifestyle industry due to the arrays of achievements. He has crafted brands from scratch after an entrepreneurial awakening. He is the co-founder of the famous ViSalus Company which is strategically located in Los Angeles, California. The organization is an expert in weight management products that range from nutritional supplements to energy drinks.

At the age of 25, Blake Mallen found the right path to business and steadily became a millionaire. By the time he was in his early 30’s, he was the co-owner of a brand that is worth billions as of now. The highlight is that he aims to help people in many ways possible. He initiated a weight loss program that changed people’s lives. Out of this activity, he made about $2 billion that was a significant accomplishment. He has spread his branches in the fitness challenge to Latin America and Europe. Join Linkedin to view full profile of Blake Mallen.

Blake Mallen shares his success ideas with other entrepreneurs across the globe through “Shift the Script.” The pieces of advice are meant to guide them to discover that they should do what they love. His passion for advising people in the business sector doubles up as projects. He also partners with the HashTagOne Company to achieve its goals.

Besides work, Blake Mallen is a family man who is married to the love of his life. He is also blessed with a daughter and a son. As an animal lover, he owns an American bulldog as the family’s pet. To add more fun to his life, Blake Mallen travels around the world to see what it has to offer. He also loves to surf from to time to have a fun-filled time. Hence, he is a social person who enjoys life outside the busy office environment.

Ultimately, due to the notable work, his company has appeared in prominent publications such as SUCCESS, Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur. The magazines have recognized his efforts as a health champion and an advisor. The primary themes revolve around leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Typically, he is a master of these sectors, and he is excellent at them.

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