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April 27, 2017

George Soros – Creating a Difference in the World of Business

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. According to Forbes, he fled his country and paid for his business school at the London school of economics while working as a railway porter. He later started his finance career at the merchant bank. He moved to New York later here he started on Wall Street and established a hedge fund in 1969 using 12 million dollars. This is what was later rebranded to the Quantum Fund.

He made an impressive profit in 1992 when he broke the Bank of England by shorting the British Pound with help from his friend, Stan DruckenMiller. Many years later, he remains a force to reckon with as he continues his investment endeavors through his Soros fund management. His assets, family assets, including his family office, worth average at about 30 billion dollars. He hired a renowned Wall Street financial management expert Dawn Fitzpatrick in 2017 to run and manage his portfolio. She is the chief investment officer of Soros fund management and the seventh person to hold this position since 2000.

Soros is also known for his fierce criticism of President Trump. He is well known for his strong support towards liberal causes. George Soros has been affiliated to a number of organizations throughout this career and life. He has been with the F.M. Mayer, Wertheim & Company, Arnold & S. Bleichroeder as well as the Soros Fund Management. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Mr. Soros is famous for many things but he is most recognized for risking 10 billion on the British currency speculation. From this correct speculation, he made over one billion in profits in a day and ultimately over 2 billion was pocketed as profit. He is also famous for running the Quantum Fund whose annual generation was always more than 30% annually when he was in charge. Apart from his business associations and achievements, he is also well known for strong political stands and philanthropic activities. Visit to know more about George Soros.

He fled Hungary to England in 1947 where he graduated from London school of economics in 1952, which gave him an entry level job in a bank. He later migrated to the US where he served as financial analyst and held several investment management positions in different firms that he was associated with like the Mayer, Wertheim & Co. as well as Arnold & Bleichroeder.

His unique investment style is what has always put him ahead of his competitors. He is a master in the translation of broad brush economic trends to killer plays and leveraged currencies and binds. He is a short-term speculator that makes huge bets on financial markets directions. He describes the financial market as chaotic and that prices of securities depend on human traders, professional and non-professionals who purchase them.


January 17, 2017

Your On Your Way To Refinancing For A Better Rate When Working With Ignition Financial

It’s easy enough to go through the shopping process to purchase a car, and getting financing for the car may seem easy, but you may still face problems when that car payments are very costly. If you add up everything that you’re paying for your car, monthly payments, insurance, maintenance, gas and more, you’ll quickly see that you are spending a lot of money on your car, and that’s when you might be considering refinancing it to lower any payments you’re making on the car.


You know that your gas payments are unlikely to change if you’re constantly using the car to go to work, and maintenance is something the car needs as well. You also know that driving without insurance is not a possibility when you owe money on the car, so the only payments that you are likely to be able to reduce are the car payments. If you’ve been keeping up with your payments and making them on time every month, then you can look forward to better credit, especially if it’s lack of credit that gave you the high car payments in the first place. Once your credit has gotten better, refinancing is a big possibility.


You don’t just want to choose anyone to refinance your car because you may end up not get the lower payments you’re looking for. One bank may tell you that they’ll get you lower payments by $50 a month, but what if Ignition Financial was able to get your payments lowered by $100 a month or possibly even more? Who wouldn’t be interested in lower payments, especially when they are significantly lower than what other lenders are offering? You can work directly with Ignition Financial to start refinancing your car because they live to ‘slash my payments,’ which is their motto.


Even if you refinance your car with Ignition Financial, you can always try to refinance again with another lender in the future because they work with different lenders. Your payments can be a lot more manageable once you refinance your car, and skipping a month of payments is also something to look forward to. You know that you want to pay off your car, but if you know that your car payments are overwhelming you, do something about it by going to Ignition Financial to apply to have your car refinanced, which can turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made.


It also gets better with Ignition Financial because you can protect your car in so many ways when you choose their coverage plan that covers everything that has to do with your car. With this elective plan, your tires will be covered against damage that can possibly occur on the road when you’re driving. You’ll also have the very loan on your car covered as well, and your maintenance on the car can also be covered, giving you full and total car protection.



December 21, 2016

Get Lower Car Payments With Ignition Financial

Buying a car is an experience with which most people are familiar. Most people pick out several cars that they like and then narrow down their decision based upon how much the car payment is. That method seems like a logical conclusion to most, as that will determine how long the car can be kept.


If a person had the cash available to buy the car outright and pay the full price, it would make the decision on what to purchase a lot simpler, but most folks are not in that enviable position. Thus, the system of car payments along with extra interest was invented to be able to sell more cars and to make it easier for people to purchase automobiles.


On the surface, interest payments along with the payments of principal work out very well, but once an individual discovers Ignition Financial located in Austin, Texas, a whole new world opens up. It is possible to refinance a car loan and achieve savings on the payments in a big way. Once a person understands how car payments work, they will shout, “Yes, slash my payments right away!”


Auto financing is made available by large banking and lending institutions who specialize in this particular field. They are in an intensely competitive situation, so they have to offer special deals to car dealerships and other retailers such as used car companies.


The lender will set a “Floor Rate” of interest which is where the interest rate begins. Then they add on a “spiff” for the dealer, which usually amounts to an extra 2% to 4%. This extra amount is an incentive for the dealer to do business, and he will cash out his portion at closing time.


Many people finance their cars at the dealer because it is more convenient, but they don’t realize that if they got their financing from their local bank or credit union, they would do much better on the interest rate.


When a person refinances their car loan through Ignition Financial, they will get a better interest rate than they currently have, in most cases, and the savings that are realized will open up a new world of financial freedom.


Extra money in the budget can mean payments can go toward savings, payment of other debts, money for education, new furniture, and many other needs. Call Ignition Financial today and find out what can be done for you to free up some substantial money.


It is helpful to understand how automobile financing works in most cases.