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August 11, 2019

Felipe Montoro Jens Advocates For Environmentally Responsible Infrastructure

Brazil is a rapidly developing nation. While this has grown the economy, it has often come at the expense of the ecosystem and environment. Felipe Montoro Jens, who has been building infrastructure for the past 25 years, is a strong advocate for creating environmentally responsible developments. His services are used by governments, private companies, and large corporations.

Felipe Montoro Jens develops the financial strategies of infrastructure projects. He was educated at one of Brazil’s most prestigious administrative colleges, the Getulio Vargas Foundation. He also graduated from Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has worked for several multinational firms and has been involved in some of Brazil’s largest infrastructure projects.

He advises Public-Private Partnership(s). Since governments in Brazil don’t have the expertise to create infrastructure themselves, they use PPPs to have private companies build projects. Felipe Montoro Jens says that if projects are planned well the negative impact they have on the environment can be minimalized. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj for more information.

He is currently focused on bringing responsible tourism to Santa Catarina state where Rio de Janeiro is located. People all over the world flock to Rio de Janeiro as tourists. While this brings in a lot of money, the large amounts of people are taxing the environment. The current infrastructure is unable to keep up with demand.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that throughout Santa Catarina there are traffic jams caused by residents and tourists. Adding to the problem is that many of the roads need repairs. Other infrastructure like power, water, and sanitation are also overloaded. Even a small storm often knocks out power in a widespread area.

He is helping build infrastructure in Santa Catarina to help. A large part of his focus is on building this infrastructure in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment such as the Amazon Rain Forest. He says that with due diligence these projects can help people while not harming the forest. Learn more:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210

July 03, 2019

Matt Badiali Advocates for Cannabis Investments In Case U.S. Goes Fully Legal

Matt Badiali is one of many voices advocating for early investment in stateside marijuana companies. The investment guru has been following the cannabis market for quite some time, sharing insights through the various media he supports. Badiali has posted articles on social media and focused his Banyan Hill Newsletter on the subject. Now, he is writing an ongoing series in Real Wealth Strategist dedicated to the cannabis industry. The series focuses on the effects full legalization of medical marijuana could do to the U.S. cannabis market.

The fervor surrounding cannabis is Canada’s fault. Canada just became the third country to fully legalize both medical and recreational usage of marijuana. The result has put the ganja markets in a tizzy with many stateside providers speculating huge returns. Matt Badiali has been focused on those companies lately, giving investors tips on how to invest in Canada’s cannabis. Now, he is turning his gaze towards the U.S. It is only a matter of time before it achieves full legalization and investors who buy in early could make a lot.

Check out to know more about Matt.

Matt Badiali is a natural resource analyst who writes Profits Unlimited and Real Wealth Strategist for Banyan Hill Publishing. He travels the world to personally investigate natural resource operations. The info he gains he uses to make actionable projections for mid-level investors. As a trained geologist Badiali knows that he is talking about and is s trusted source for information. So far his focus on cannabis has to do with what companies to invest in.

As with Badiali’s other investment opportunity, Freedom Checks, investing in U.S. cannabis is all about the company you choose. At present such an investment is a long game. For this purpose it is necessary to look at companies from a long-game perspective. According to Badiali the possibilities for full legalization spell big money. Buy in with the right company and your investment has the opportunity to launch.

Matt Badiali covers the various ways investors can put money in cannabis. He also points out what areas of the market have the best potential to take off. As someone who has been following these developments for awhile his opinion comes with authority.

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