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September 08, 2019

Impossible Foods Internationally Launches the Impossible Burger Project in Co-Production Agreement with McDonalds Legendary Food Packer, OSI Group

Legendary Companies

There are legendary companies that many have heard of but never really seen, then thee are those that are behind the scenes of legendary companies. McDonalds first launched its McDonalds international franchise by employing the services of OSI Group in 1955. Ray Kroc was impressed with the quality and innovative ideas that the German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky brought to business with he and his son, so they became the legendary producer of the legendary burger that it is today. With over 100 years of innovation and an eye to quality and efficiency, OSI Group has grown to maga-propportions and is now located in 17 countries, 65 locaations and has a powerhouse of 20,000 employees. Fast-forward more than half a century, please.

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 Impossible Foods

With Impossible Foods with the launch of the Impossible Burger, a totally plant-based burger that has yet to see the demand for it diminish since its debit at David Chang’ Momofuku Nishi in Jult of 2016 the demand has steadily grown to a stagering 9000 restaurants requesting the Impossible Burger on its menus. Knowing that they had reached a bottleneck in its 68,000 square foot prodiction facility in Oakland, Impossible Foods turned to the legendary McDonalds packer to make a co-produciton agreement enabling OSI to produce the Impossible Burger in their Chicago plant location.

Sheetal Shah Spokesperson

Sheetal Shah speaking for Impossible Foods said they were delighted to have come to a co-production agreement with the legendary packer and looked forward to working alongside and learning from its 100 year history of innovation, attention to detail , and most of all the quality of service that has made millions of customers praise their service in the food packing and distribution industry since their founding by Otto Kolchovsky in 1909.

Impossible Burger Purveyors

The Impossible Burger’ demand has made it difficult to keep up with but now that OSI will assist in its co-production, Impossible Foods feels confident that it will be able to keep up with the demand and enable them to go anywhere and everywhere, according to Sheetil Shah. Other fast-food giants are placing their own version of the Impossible Burger on their menus. Recently White Castle has placed their Impossible Slider on its Menu. Burger King will later this year have in its restaurants for its customers the Impossible Whopper. Little Ceasar worked with Impossible Foods to create an “impossible sausage” which it is serving in selected locations throuhgout the country, which is totally plant-based.


May 07, 2019

OSI Food Solutions is a Major Global Food Supplier for some Good Reasons

OSI Food Solutions became prominent in the 1970s. This organization was formally known as Otto and Sons, but it changed to OSI by mid 1970s. By the 1990s the organization had already spread over the Earth. As of 2019 the company is a major global food supplier that sells food products to restaurants, grocery stores and to local markets. Their products are used many chain and fast food restaurants as well.

OSI Food Solutions got its first big break when Ray Kroc used the organization to help supply its meats. This was a great honor for OSI because as McDonald’s was building its brand, OSI Food Solutions benefited from this partnership. This helped to position the company for its future endeavors. The partnership with McDonald’s did not last forever and eventually OSI went on to supply menu items for other eating establishments. However, some OSI branches still supply McDonald’s its menu products within overseas markets.

OSI made it a point to enter into joint ventures with other organizations. Warehouses, processing plants, poultry facilities and farms have been signed up with OSI so the company could provide the best possible food products with the least expense. Also, having these organizations located within certain markets helps to put the company in a good position to expand. These various entities also give OSI headway and sustainability into certain areas. This part of OSI Food Solutions business strategy helps the brand to dominate food markets where it has been established.

The company also invests heavily into producing more facilities. This important for their organization. When a company can pay for their own expansion without using investors or loans it gives them a greater ability capture a market. OSI Food Solutions consistently does this and so much more as an advantage in the market place. This activity ultimately helps to establish them as a strong company in most markets they enter.

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