Joe Fagan

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May 02, 2017

Jason Hope And Technology

The role of technology in society is something that has been the subject of much research and investigation. In an article by Engadget, author Jesse Boskoff discusses the ideas of one of the people leading the charge to determine how technology can be most good. Futurist Jason Hope supports the Internet of Things, the amalgamation of commercial and consumer devices with Internet connectivity. He believes that persistent connections will allow our lives to be more efficient and safer.

Hope has written for and outlined some of the ways that the Internet of Things will drive business. He predicted that in 2016 the Internet of Things would mostly be driven by healthcare. As more medical technology makes use of Internet connections, it seems he is correct. Hope’s interest in medical technology is not limited to its business prospects. Hope pledged $500,000 in funding to the non-profit SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is working to combat illnesses associated with aging.

Hope’s support of medical technology advancement and his business acumen collide in his advocacy for technology in driving business solutions. Hope works as a consultant for businesses and a lot of his work focuses on the use of technology and digital solutions. Through these approaches, Jason Hope is driving the future.