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April 24, 2019

Betterworks Study Reveals that HR Team Makeup and Structure are Important for Taking Businesses to the Next Level

Betterworks is a leading enterprise HR software for Continuous Performance Management that released a report recently on the role of makeup of the HR team in the forward-thinking impact the HR function can have on an organization. It also outlines steps HR professionals can take to increase the chances of teams to deliver the desired business outcomes from their performance management programs.

The key findings in the Betterworks’ report include:

  • HR professionals and managers see HR as leading visionary human capital management practices and technology investments.
  • Culture of feedback links employees, HR, managers, as well as C-level executives.
  • HR team makeup is important

According to Doug Dennerline, Betterworks CEO, forward-thinking CEOs know how important it is to align, develop and continuously motivate their workforce to achieve and sustain competitive edge. The visionary CEOs often demonstrates this by hiring strong HR leaders reporting directly to them. Additionally, they support them to create an outstanding employee experience for maximum output. The report revealed that a chief human resources officer (CHRO) makes HR organizations more productive by reporting directly to the CEO. It also outlined that a C-level leader in HR teams deploy elements that will make up the most effective performance management program.

Forward-looking HR teams are instrumental in creating an effective feedback culture. It is critical for organizations to put in place best practices to foster continuous evolving employee performance. Most effective HR teams motivates the whole workforce to better performance and influence change in the workforce.

About Betterworks

It is a HR software designed to align, develop as well as activate your employees for your business growth. Betterworks enables organizations to replace ineffective, outdated, loathed annual review processes with strong Continuous Performance Management programs that comes in handy for managers to do better goal alignment, coaching, feedback, as well as development conversations. The ultimate goal is to inspire as well as motivate the workforce to work in harmony to achieve an organization’s goals.