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February 17, 2019

Ted Bauman Gives Insights into How the Stock Market Operates and How Investors can Protect Their Wealth

The future is always full of uncertainties, especially in the stock market. When investors start thinking of the future and how their stock will perform in the market they are always filled with fear of losing their hard earned wealth. Ted Bauman Wall Street financial expert with over two decades of experience in economic milieu says the current bull market may or may not last. The chances of having a bull market or a bear market are on a 50/50 basis. What investors need to do to cushion themselves from a bear market is to develop a practical investment plan.

Ted Bauman currently serves as a staff member at Banyan Hill Publishers where he writes the Bauman Letter which is an investment newsletter. Bauman daily strives to provide his avid readers with skills and knowledge of how they can protect their wealth and double their investment before their sunset days. According to Bauman investors should always be aware of what may lead to a possible market crash or boom. They should understand market trends before making a significant investment decision.

According to Ted Bauman in the stock market, there is always a massive stock market crash trend that is always followed by an upward leap. During this huge stock market crash, Bauman advises investors, and they should hold on to their stocks. Rules-based selling is the leading cause of a sudden market crash. Bauman gives a practical example of how rules-based trading led to the unexpected market crash in 1987. However, those investors who did not panic and held on to their stock and those that were brave enough and bought additional stocks at bargained prices reaped a 10 percent benefit from their investment the same year.

Moreover, when trading in the stock market, Ted Bauman advises investors always to develop a balanced viewpoint. It is so because having been in Wall Street for over 20 years Bauman knows that Wall Street Stocks are usually overvalued. These stocks are generally too risky to invest in as within a year their valuation will be lower, and dividends will as well be down. The only sure way through which investors can secure their wealth according to Bauman is by having a low-risk investment strategy and having long term investments that have minimal risks. Investing in bonds is also another way through which you can protect your wealth. Here’s How the Bull Market Dies

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February 05, 2019

Gareth Henry Helps Students After Achieve Immense Success In Finances

Gareth Henry, a native of the United Kingdom, has shown the world that a degree in Actuarial Mathematics can get you to many more places in your career than just the insurance industry. While he himself is involved in the world of finance with Angelo Gordon & Co, he believes that it can be applied to other sectors such as tech as well. It’s all about getting to know numbers and statistics and his education in the subject from Heriot-Watt University has been instrumental in him finding success in his career. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing.

While many students may overlook the major, Gareth Henry is so confident in its ability to help people find a good career that he has created a Bursar Fund at his alma mater. The money that the scholarship program is offering these students is not the only thing that he is offering to these students as he is also offering mentoring as well. Many would argue that this is even more valuable than the funds that he is providing to the students. In order to qualify for the Gareth Henry Bursar Fund, the students must be enrolled in Actuarial Sciences at Heriot-Watt, have a need financially, and be from the United Kingdom.

Before joining the team at Angelo Gordon & Co, Gareth Henry was the Head of International Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group. While with Fortress, he was able to raise capital for many areas including private credit, private equity, real estate holdings, and hedge funds. Their hedge fund business worth around $4 billion was managed by Henry during his time at the company. It was this position at Fortress Investment Group that led Henry to make the move to the United States in New York where their main headquarters is located.

As the Global Head of Investor Relations, Gareth Henry has been able to bring the company impressive results. $2.5 billion was raised in 2017 in just credit products and real estate through his work. During 2016, he had exceptional results after helping the company raise assets of $4.5 billion. While his talent in mathematics is important, he knows that his relationships with clients are just as vital.

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