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April 05, 2019

Ted Bauman asks patients to ask for in-network care for ER services

Ted Bauman is a financial expert. He studied at the University of Cape Town where he graduated with a degree in economics and history. He has worked in South Africa for 25 years with various non profit organizations. One of the organizations that he worked for is slum dwellers organization which dealt with low-cost housing projects. In his career as a financial expert, Ted Bauman has come to understand various important things that can cushion people from financial exploitation. From his business analysis, big businesses are involved in practices that exhibit customer exploitation. One of the areas that he has identified is the emergency room.

Americans seeking emergency room services are normally overcharged to a tune of over $3 billion annually. This is according to research conducted by the John Hopkins School of Medicine. According to Ted Bauman, there are various initiatives that patients can take in order to eliminate the chances of exploitation. Here, we will look at some of these tips which he believes will go a long way in helping the people overcome the challenge of getting astronomical bills from the emergency room facilities.


If you suspect that your bill is not rational, you should question the facility. For instance, you should ask for a breakdown of each of the services offered. You’ll want to know how the total amount was arrived at. It is very common to find that you were overcharged to for something that did not require any fee. Ted advises patients to consider asking for more information about the procedures and tests they will undergo. You might find that a doctor is recommending an expensive test which could be done with an alternative that will not cost a lot.

Ask for in-network providers

When seeking services from an emergency room, you should not think that your insurance network covers every provider. So, before getting any treatment, ensure you’re getting services only from in-network providers. This will protect you from exorbitant prices associated with out-of-network practitioners. To make your facility aware of your decision, you should make it clear in your admission form that you want an in network services.

February 17, 2019

Ted Bauman Gives Insights into How the Stock Market Operates and How Investors can Protect Their Wealth

The future is always full of uncertainties, especially in the stock market. When investors start thinking of the future and how their stock will perform in the market they are always filled with fear of losing their hard earned wealth. Ted Bauman Wall Street financial expert with over two decades of experience in economic milieu says the current bull market may or may not last. The chances of having a bull market or a bear market are on a 50/50 basis. What investors need to do to cushion themselves from a bear market is to develop a practical investment plan.

Ted Bauman currently serves as a staff member at Banyan Hill Publishers where he writes the Bauman Letter which is an investment newsletter. Bauman daily strives to provide his avid readers with skills and knowledge of how they can protect their wealth and double their investment before their sunset days. According to Bauman investors should always be aware of what may lead to a possible market crash or boom. They should understand market trends before making a significant investment decision.

According to Ted Bauman in the stock market, there is always a massive stock market crash trend that is always followed by an upward leap. During this huge stock market crash, Bauman advises investors, and they should hold on to their stocks. Rules-based selling is the leading cause of a sudden market crash. Bauman gives a practical example of how rules-based trading led to the unexpected market crash in 1987. However, those investors who did not panic and held on to their stock and those that were brave enough and bought additional stocks at bargained prices reaped a 10 percent benefit from their investment the same year.

Moreover, when trading in the stock market, Ted Bauman advises investors always to develop a balanced viewpoint. It is so because having been in Wall Street for over 20 years Bauman knows that Wall Street Stocks are usually overvalued. These stocks are generally too risky to invest in as within a year their valuation will be lower, and dividends will as well be down. The only sure way through which investors can secure their wealth according to Bauman is by having a low-risk investment strategy and having long term investments that have minimal risks. Investing in bonds is also another way through which you can protect your wealth. Here’s How the Bull Market Dies

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