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April 05, 2019

Ted Bauman asks patients to ask for in-network care for ER services

Ted Bauman is a financial expert. He studied at the University of Cape Town where he graduated with a degree in economics and history. He has worked in South Africa for 25 years with various non profit organizations. One of the organizations that he worked for is slum dwellers organization which dealt with low-cost housing projects. In his career as a financial expert, Ted Bauman has come to understand various important things that can cushion people from financial exploitation. From his business analysis, big businesses are involved in practices that exhibit customer exploitation. One of the areas that he has identified is the emergency room.

Americans seeking emergency room services are normally overcharged to a tune of over $3 billion annually. This is according to research conducted by the John Hopkins School of Medicine. According to Ted Bauman, there are various initiatives that patients can take in order to eliminate the chances of exploitation. Here, we will look at some of these tips which he believes will go a long way in helping the people overcome the challenge of getting astronomical bills from the emergency room facilities.


If you suspect that your bill is not rational, you should question the facility. For instance, you should ask for a breakdown of each of the services offered. You’ll want to know how the total amount was arrived at. It is very common to find that you were overcharged to for something that did not require any fee. Ted advises patients to consider asking for more information about the procedures and tests they will undergo. You might find that a doctor is recommending an expensive test which could be done with an alternative that will not cost a lot.

Ask for in-network providers

When seeking services from an emergency room, you should not think that your insurance network covers every provider. So, before getting any treatment, ensure you’re getting services only from in-network providers. This will protect you from exorbitant prices associated with out-of-network practitioners. To make your facility aware of your decision, you should make it clear in your admission form that you want an in network services.

March 21, 2019

Why Mike Nierenberg is Influential in the Mortgage Business

Mike Nierenberg has worked with Bear Stearns beginning in 1994. He has also held positions at JP Morgan. Many positions helped him acquire the knowledge needed to excel in the mortgage business. He also worked at Lehman Brothers to help build their mortgage business. He worked at Lehman Brothers for seven years. As of 2013, Mike Nierenberg became the CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation (NR). The company is worth over $6 billion. As CEO, Nierenberg has participated in a lot of earnings conference calls that would inform Many financial news institutions regarding earnings made by NR. NR has mortgage servicing rights in portfolio.

Mike Nierenberg show confidence in his company in 2014 when he purchased 1 million shares of NR’s stocks that was worth at that time $6 million. For investors, it might be a buy signal when Nierenberg invest in his own company with a significant amount of money. It could translate to the company may do well or he might consider the stock undervalued, but it is a good sign that an individual investor might follow. My people should recognize how the top leadership invests in their companies such as Mike Nierenberg because it could translate to making money. Top leaders would not invest that amount of money if they expected to lose money.

Mike Nierenberg has shown he is the person that everybody looks when they need advice regarding the Mortgage Market. the moves he makes that everybody pays attention to regarding mortgages. They respect his knowledge regarding various topics involving mortgages. National Mortgage News Considers meant to be one of the leaders who will make moves that will shape the mortgage market. With the capability to use mortgage servicing rights in every state in the United States, it allows Mike Nierenberg to be very influential in how people perceive the use of mortgage-backed instruments as an investment.

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