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September 03, 2018

Bruno Fagali: Getting Outstanding Legal Representation In Brazil

Are you looking for a powerful attorney in Brazil? Need to hire an experienced lawyer to handle your corporate or business legal matters? If you are serious about getting top notch legal service in Brazil, then check out Bruno Fagali.

In Brazil, numerous establishments, professionals and organizations turn to Bruno Fagali for effective representation. Bruno Fagali advises clients on a wide variety of legal issues. Anyone who is going through tough legal situation should consider getting a consultation with Bruno Fagali.

As an experienced lawyer, Bruno knows what it takes to resolve a legal matter effectively. He is a highly knowledgeable attorney and comes highly recommended in the legal community. Business owners, entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals rely on him to resolve their legal issues. Visit Fagali Advocacia on facebook to learn more about their platforms.

Fagali has been rendering excellent services for many years and is well recognized by his peers and clients. He is passionate about advising and guiding his clients. His clients come from all walks of life and are satisfied with the way he handles their legal cases.

If you are facing a lawsuit or other legal issue, having a legal advisor on retainer means that he is already knowledgeable about the rules and regulations that affect your industry. An experienced legal advisor like Bruno knows what works and what it takes to protect your interests and get you a good outcome.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners do not take the time to understand the laws that affect their enterprise or projects. Big companies and major corporations are not the only ones that get involved in complex legal situations. Lawsuits are also common among small businesses and entrepreneurs. Disputes and breach of contract are some of the issues that occur in businesses of all types and sizes.

In fact, small business owners and entrepreneurs have to take steps to protect their interests too. ignores the legal aspect of a business might end up paying a huge amount when a legal matter occurs.



May 23, 2017

Jeremy Goldstein’s Extensive and Prestigious Attorney Practice

There’s a new way for New York area residents to acquire a lawyer tailored to their needs. The (LRIS) Lawyer Referral and Information Service, coupled with The New York State Bar Association has produced a way for those in need of legal help to call upon a lawyer exactly for their legal needs. Through an online portal, clients are able to answer a questionnaire indicative of their legal issues and region and are then directed to an appropriate lawyer who is capable of handling their needs. The State Bar staff reviews the questionnaire to match clients with an attorney in a neighboring area. This is the only process needed for clients to go through. The service is available both through an online portal via website, and by telephone. Each participating lawyer must be in good legal standing and has been extensively reviewed by the State Bar Association. The referrals are free of charge.


Jeremy Goldstein founded his own firm, Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein has dedicated a firm that advises compensation committees, CEOs and management teams. He also guides corporations in executive compensation and works to facilitate governance matters. Before Jeremy Goldstein went on to his found his own firm, he was involved with law firm Wachtell, Lipten, Rosen and Katz. The past experience of Jeremy Goldstein over the decade includes many of the largest transactions of the past decade. The list being very extensive and notable of world renowned companies. Jeremy Goldstein is also chair of the Mergers Acquisition Committee. When granted free time, he spends free hours writing and and speaking on corporate governance issues. Goldstein is regarded as a leading executive compensation lawyer in The Legal 500. To further his accolades even more, he is a member of the board of NYU Journal of Law and Business.

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