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March 02, 2019

Dr. Dov Rand: How to Bring Ideas to Life and Help Patients Achieve Optimal Quality of Life

Dr. Dov Rand is a founder member and the acting president of Healthy Medical Centers. The organization that provides comprehensive healthcare to individuals suffering from age-related illnesses. The facility offers treatments for a wide range of symptoms that in most cases accompany the aging process. Dr. Dov Rand’s practice has been in operation for more than 15 years.

During that time, Dr. Dov Rand has created a haven for individuals seeking medical methods to help optimize health with excellent scientific backing. In 1995, he graduated from Yeshiva University and the Albert Einstein Medical Center. He specializes in rehabilitation and physical medicine. Dr. Dov Rand manages Healthy Aging Centers, and he mainly focuses on helping individuals achieve optimal healthcare while facing illnesses that accompany the aging process.

How Dr. Dov Rand Helps Individuals Achieve Optimal Quality of Life

Dr. Dov Rand is committed to helping patients achieve optimal quality of life through physical medicine and rehabilitation, empowering patients, bioidentical hormone therapy, holistic science-centered treatments, enhancing healthcare with the lifestyle changes and through the HCG diet. Dr. Dov Rand understands that most individuals seek to empower themselves through knowledge.

According to him, the research they do often uncover the alternatives to both one-size-fits-all and conventional medical approach to healthcare. Dr. Dov Rand helps his patients achieve optimal quality of life through his holistic approach that is also rooted in research-centered science.Dr. Dov Rand also helps individuals achieve optimal healthcare through physical medicine and rehabilitation, which focuses on improving the quality of your life instead of looking for a symptom or an ailment.

How Dr. Dov Rand Brings Ideas to Life

Since his work revolves around helping other individuals in society, the ability to achieve which focus naturally makes him bring ideas to life. It also helps him have more patients making him serve more and more individuals. According to Dr. Dov Rand, people can tell when you are working hard and when you care. If they realize that, then they will refer other individuals to him. For you to bring your ideas to life, always focus on helping other people.

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Ara Chackerian; the Healthcare Investor That Never Tires

Ara Chackerian serves as the Executive VP of Research and Development at Health Diagnostics LLC. The billionaire investor and philanthropist has also served many organizations in the health sector in leadership positions. Ara has been the executive vice president of BMC Diagnostics; a company he founded. He oversaw the take-over of BMC Diagnostics by Health Diagnostics. The philanthropist also served PSS/World; an institution where he gained, materially, as its chief. Research and Development have its headquarters in San Francisco California.

His Business and Philanthropist Activities

He loves to promote the innovators in the health sector if they have a goal of improving the healthcare situation in the USA. Ara Chackerian is a highly experienced businessman and investor. He has been in the business of building companies in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. Apart from BMC Diagnostics, he has also helped to found a host of other companies including Pipelinerx. Pipelinerx is a major supplier of tele-pharmacy service. Ara also founded TMS Health Solutions. TMS deals with behavioral health aspects and provides services that help people adjust behavior to realize better health outcomes. Away from the line of business, Ara Chackerian is a generous giver. He says he believes in empowering society and fellow humans to achieve all they can ever achieve and lead a meaningful life. He notes that leading a meaningful life faces many life challenges. While some people have been lucky to overcome the challenges, others may never have had a realistic chance of succeeding. Check out for more.

In other words, they were disadvantaged by circumstances. Ara Chackerian has a strong passion for the youth. So, he has been instrumental in initiating a lot of youth-focused groups in the hope that these groups will evolve into economic independence and hence help the members live life according to their dreams. Ara Chackerian and his family are currently supporting development projects in many countries including the United States, Armenia and Nicaragua. Ara Chackerian is a marketer with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Florida State University. You can visit

Ara Chackerian walks the talk of his life

Ara Chackerian sets a positive example to upcoming experts and investors. In the health sector, he has demonstrated his resolve to help others solve their problems. He has promoted projects that seek to improve services in the health sector. He has also directly sponsored initiatives that empower the community.

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