Joe Fagan

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June 07, 2019

ClassDojo – Mindfulness Training

Education in our country is not what it used to be. In fact, several studies show that more children are getting left behind, for one reason or another. ClassDojo is hoping to change that for the parents, teachers, and students they deal with across the board.

“Kids need to learn how to handle their emotional intelligence as they get older. Some kids will deal with their emotional states better than others, but they need to learn it sooner rather than later. Emotional intelligence is very important in dealing with life’s problems. Kids need to learn that not everything is going to work out fairly sometimes.”

According to ClassDojo, they also need to be more mindful in how they behave when life shakes them up a bit. That is why ClassDojo is looking to improve the educational dynamic with the parents and kids they serve in the community.

There are apps available now that can help a child grow their emotional intelligence so they can handle life’s problems.

“The old classroom paradigm does not work anymore. We need technology to help create apps that will track a child’s progress. That way the parents will not face so many issues when it comes time for their parent-teacher conference.