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October 07, 2019

Carrie Mae Weems Feels Right at Home in Sharon Prince’s Grace Farms Foundation

Carrie Mae Weems, an iconic American artist and photographer noted for her show-stopping installations that depict the nuances of American life, recently held a show entitled Past Tense at Grace Farms. Through a combination of text, words, and images, she took the audience on a whirlwind of emotions as she tackled the themes of violence and injustice that plague the world.

Carrie Mae herself is a product of this kind of environment, but she did not succumb to the negativity. Thus, even if her show had a dark tone, it was still able to give a glimmer of hope. Hope is what makes her a perfect fit for Grace Farms Foundation, which is known for their hard work in combating both human and wildlife trafficking.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms, the foundation’s chairwoman and president, noted that Carrie Mae’s works align with the core principles and advocacies of their Grace Farms. They, too, are about creating peaceful spaces and sparking hope in the hearts of the people who visit their farm. Sharon also said that the interdisciplinary work of Carrie Mae adds new depth to their foundation’s goal of creating more grace and peace in the world.

Since its inception in 2015, Grace Farms has been open to the public with the primary focus of advancing goodness on earth. They have built a reputation of being very welcoming to those who want to share their time and to those that want to explore what they have to offer. The farm is open six days a week with free admission for the general public.

On top of all these, Grace Farms is now known for their projects and their various initiatives, which include inviting prominent individual from diverse backgrounds to the farm. The goal of the invitation is to advance the advocacies of the foundation by letting guests participate in community events and having them enjoy the farm itself. Grace Farms has been well-known for bringing together various visionaries to head their causes that involve nature, arts, justice, community, and faith.

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October 01, 2019

Toyo Setal: A Source of Inspiration for Brazil’s Youth

The engineering industry in Brazil has always been the central location for innovation and expansion within the community, much of which tends to have a long-lasting impact on the rest of the world’s economic future. Toyo Setal is one of the most responsible corporations for the success of Brazil’s engineering field over the course of the past few decades, and they are greatly thankful to have been able to create such a momentous impact for the country they love so much.

It is their work within Brazil that they tend to be most proud of, but any impact they are able to make outside of their own country shows them that their work truly carries a significant amount of weight. For as long as Toyo Setal has been a part of the industry, it feels good to finally see their efforts starting to pay off. They are living proof that when you put your mind to something and refuse to allow your focus to falter, you can truly make something amazing happen.

They have always believed that the key to success is persistence, so it is unsurprising to see just how motivated they have proven themselves to be for success. For as long as they have been a part of the global business industry, they hope to continue to make impacts on the state of the world for as long as they are presented the opportunity. This is the type of life that the people at Toyo Setal choose to live; while it could be easy for them to simply chase after the money and retain their earnings, they believe it would be a better opportunity for them to distribute as much as they can.

Their ability to retain some level of ethics when they go out to spread their savings allows them to strategically invest their money in the companies that seem most capable to make a difference. Toyo Setal is the exact source of inspiration young people around the world need when searching for ways to start their own business. For as long as Toyo Setal stands, there will be inspiration being born from their efforts.

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