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August 01, 2019

Jin Oh’s Job

What is Jin Oh’s job? As the president of publishing at Riot Games, he describes the position as ‘marketing, but so much more.’ Working at the developer that created League of Legends, there is always a lot to do, as the game is online and constantly has new content releases. Read more about Jin Oh at

Currently, Jin Oh’s team is working to introduce the game into the Korean market. Jin Oh and his team pride themselves on their ability to develop a seamless product and content release, with this on being no different.


Using a multifaceted approach, Jin Oh is first working to make League of Legends a Korea-friendly game. The game introduces new, playable characters weekly, an exciting release for gamers. By created characters that are based on Korea folklore and culture, a new fanbase can be attracted. Jin Oh is overseeing this creation by coordinating teamwork between the development teams in the U.S. and Korea. Additionally, the team is working to help Korean gamers see League of Legends as an e-sport competition friendly game. E-sports are massively popular in Korea, but League of Legends is not one of the games played in this arena, unlike in the United States. Jin Oh aims to change this. Visit to know more about Jin Oh.