Joe Fagan

Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

October 02, 2019

DE Shaw and Fortress Mentality

There is much that we can learn about when we talk about DE Shaw and its recent wave of unfortunate events. One thing that we notice at every single company is the aspect of being under duress or extreme pressure in certain situations. How we choose to deal with these situations and make the most of our opportunities is up to us. We can have a positive frame of mind or a negative frame of mind. If we choose the latter, our actions will show what we want, and it might end up with negative consequences.

For instance, we can see that this example took place at DE Shaw recently. A current executive might have been under pressure or might have faced some issues in his life and acted in a wrong manner. See, the current executive was involved in some variation of sexual assault. He was the perpetrator of this specific situation.

Now, it is essential to note that many people can fail under pressure, even more so in extreme demand. Risk and pressure tolerance will vary for many, but those who overcome can succeed and grow in their business and life.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for our current executive at DE Shaw. Daniel Michalow is the executive of which we speak of today.

Daniel Michalow was let go from DE Shaw because of his series of issues in the workplace. Daniel Michalow did not have the right psychology or brain science in his particular situation and was affected by his specific mental models.

The case of Daniel is fascinating because it showed us a little window into the world of DE Shaw. See, we know that DE Shaw is a very secretive and hush-hush entity that doesn’t let anything (information-wise) get out of its premises. The fear from top management at DE Shaw is that people at DE Shaw might join Daniel. They might be lured away by more pay or more potential for progress and take their knowledge with them.

Daniel might be implementing goal setting techniques to bring on individuals to join his firm, and this might open up trouble for DE Shaw.