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April 09, 2019

Development of L’Oreal by Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is a professional business developer. He has been in the frontline in the extensive growth of L’Oreal Company. The company deals with fashion and beauty. His position an s a president has helped him in the development of this business, and as a leader, he has ensured high growth status in the company. The company creates a high-quality product that attains the client’s needs.

Nicolas has played an essential role in the development of the company through institution exhibitions and brands that attract more customers. The company develops a variety of brands of hair products that have a high demand in the market. The company has several employees who are dedicated to top skills that they execute in their work. Thus this has helped the company in creating demand for the products globally.

Nicolas Krafft has a professional team of staff that is dedicated to their duties to ensure collective and individual efforts are achieved. L’Oreal Company invests highly on modern technology in promoting its brand; the company meets the objective by marketing their product in social media as an instrument of growth of its sales. On the other hand, Nicolas Krafft is the vice president of Global development in the company. His role, therefore, gives him more challenge in improving the company’s performance.

Nicolas’ position in the company has helped him in creating the value of integrity, transparency, and respect in the entire company operations. The commitment and adherence of the company values have created the position of Chief Ethics Officer. Emmanuel Lulin is the Chief Ethics Officer in the company and him always a commitment to the company principles.

Ethics Day is a special day to all employees since it is a day that they get to ask questions regarding the performance and improvement of the company. The questions, therefore, are answered by a top company official. People also get a chance of thinking about ethics and how they can commit themselves to ethical behavior within or outside the company. Therefore the company creates a good working relationship among its employees by curbing unethical behavior that may lower service delivery in the company.

Overall, L’Oreal has played a significant role in promoting sustainable human rights and has also ensured ethical coexistence among different professional staff. The company has also been honored by the United Nations due to its global impact in fashion and beauty products.

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