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May 23, 2018

Dr. Saad Saad Uses His Experience And Creativity To Create Two Essential Medical Devices

Dr. Saad Saad is a specialist in pediatric surgery. His office is located in Eatontown New Jersey. He attended the Cairo U Medical Hospital and graduated in 1971. His specialties are thoracic and pediatric surgery. Dr. Saad has been in practice for 34 years and has affiliations with several of the local hospitals. The pediatric surgeries he has performed number in the thousands. He is passionate about reducing the risks and pain faced by many patients. He has traveled to the West Bank and Jerusalem to provide complicated surgeries at no cost for poor children.


Dr. Saad has patented two medical inventions including the medical catheter. This is used for both surgical procedures and the treatments for various medical conditions. A catheter drains fluids and gasses and may permanently or temporarily left within the body. Placing the catheter in the correct position can be challenging for the surgeon. This requires an X-ray which will expose the patient to radiation. The alternative is a large and not always available MRI machine. For these reasons Dr, Saad created a device capable of being placed properly without the use of any additional devices. The device uses integral electromagnetics and works in a similar fashion as a metal detector. This means MRI scans and X-rays are effectively eliminated.


The second invention of Dr. Saad improves endoscopes. This device enables a physician to look inside the body of their patient during surgery or an exam. They are most commonly used for the throat, bladder, windpipe, colon and stomach. Liquids produced by the body can cause issues because they cause the endoscope to fog. This obstructs the view of the physician. To eliminate this situation, the port of the endoscope has been converted into suction to keep the view clear. This invention means doctors no longer have to remove the endoscope, clean the necessary areas and then replace the instrument. Dr. Saad know how useful this device is because he has used it during thousands of surgeries. This device is cheap to manufacture as well as being practical. Numerous physicians are currently using this device with great success. Learn more:


Dr. Saad was once asked why he invented these devices. He said it was because they were both necessary. These devices enable physicians to perform their duties in a manner that is more practical and much safer. His inventions have enabled physicians to prevent useless complications so their tasks can be performed faster and more smoothly. Technology is always bringing changes to the medical industry. Dr. Saad believes anything that adds to the safety of the patients while make the tasks of the doctors easier is a win win situation. His personal experience is responsible for innovative devices to revolutionize health care even further.