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August 10, 2019

Entrepreneur Richard Liu Qiangdong Attends Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the current chief executive officer of JD. He has recently made an appearance to an economic forum as a guest. While he was at this event, he was talking to a panelist about his company and how he started it up. Richard Liu revealed that he build the company based on innovation and ecommerce. These two things have propelled his company into being one of the most successful in the retail industry. Richard Liu also talked about his future plans for the company. He intends to expand his company’s shipping routes and improve upon its policies. Liu has mentioned that he wants to extend the shipping routes to the United States and to the United Kingdom in the near future.

Today, Richard Liu Qiangdong runs his company which is the most profitable retail company in China. He founded the company after closing down a magneto optics retail business. One of the most important lessons he learned was that ecommerce was critical to having a successful business in the retail industry. As a result, Richard Liu started up and made it into a company that emphasized ecommerce. Since starting up the company, JD has grown into one of the largest retail companies in the world. Richard Liu is still looking to expand the company as well as improve its daily operations. Liu has added drone technology to more efficiently make deliveries to customers.

Before he started up, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in the technology industry. He would spend a number of years working as a freelance computer programmer. His experience in computer programming would enable him to get employment opportunities at one of the leading companies in Asia Japan Life. While he was with Japan Life, Richard Liu was one of the directors of the computer department. He would then go on to start up his magneto optics retail business. Prior to working in the technology industry, Richard Liu attended a top university to study sociology and a leading international business school to complete a business degree. These degree programs helped prepare him for his career as a manager in the technology industry.