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December 19, 2018

Felipe Montoro Jens: Not Your Usual Entrepreneur

Felipe Montoro Jens is famous in the Finance Sector in Brazil. He is an expert in infrastructure projects and also works as a consultant on the same throughout Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens is recognized for his help in developing business arrangements between the government of Brazil, and the private sector of the country. This arrangement was given the name Public-Private Partnerships. He is a holder of a degree in History and Spanish and a masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Additionally, he has a BA and a post-graduate degree of the same. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked in various positions and organizations in his career. He has worked for Enel Group S.P.A, Luciano NitriGuidolin to name few. It is the experience from different organizations that have influenced his recognition as an expert in infrastructure. Felipe Montoro is also a board member in several companies across the country and he is the chairman of Arboreal and EmpreendimentosImobiliários. He is a man of good reputation who also holds Executive Officer role, a director role, and principle role in various organizations.

Felipe Montoro Jens typical day involves holding conferences with potential investors, financial institutions, attending internal and external meetings, reviewing contracts, writing reports on relevant investment challenges and outcomes, among other engagements. Some of the habits he has developed to remain productive include avoiding social media and small talks, focusing on the important discussions and avoiding holding meetings for long hours.

His responsibilities in various organizations require him to come up with ideas to make improvements and his sources for these ideas are extensive reading, staying ahead of what is happening in the industry, and through discussions with other smart individuals. His ability to remain focused on the goal that needs to be achieved and determining how it should be achieved, are the aspects that have made Felipe Montoro Jens a productive entrepreneur.

The advice that Felipe Montoro Jens would give to his younger self is never to make assumptions, to retain the focus, and make sure to enjoy the present because the past is gone and the future uncertain, His advice to entrepreneurs is not to tire of reviewing their reports because there is always room to make improvement

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