Joe Fagan

Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

August 14, 2019

Gino Pozzo’s Investment in Soccer Clubs Not Ending Any Soon

Many renowned entrepreneurs have shifted focus from the traditional investments including real estate, finance, agriculture, and telecommunication, among others to sports. In the sports category, one of the most profitable sectors is through investing in soccer clubs. Gino Pozzo is among the investment gurus that have invested heavily in the venture. His family has invested in clubs located in Spain, England, and Italy. They own Granada, Watford, and Udinese football clubs respectively. Although the mentioned teams don’t currently participate in their respective top leagues, they took part on the same in 2015. Pozzo’s family made headlines in that year through the clubs’ excellent performance.

Gino Pozzo grew up in Udinese, Italy before moving to Spain with his Catalan wife and later to the United Kingdom. His engagement with soccer started in 1993 at Udinese Calcio football club during his tenure as the manager of the club purchased by his father. Ironically, his mother’s family had a stake in the club at a time when some family members ran the club as presidents.

In 2009, Gino Pozzo played a vital role as the family purchased of Granada Football Club during his stay in Barcelona. The club had financial problems facing a debt of €12m at the time of purchase. Besides, its performance was weak, and it had a rough time climbing from the third division. However, Gino applied the same tactics he employed at Udinese. It took him only two years to make the team feature in the Primera Liga League. The club had struggled for 35 years to climb from Segunda B.

His knack for purchasing struggling clubs continued in 2012. Gino Pozzo bought Watford FC at a time it fought in England’s fourth division league and financial difficulties. Within four years, the club’s performance had improved significantly. Gino sold Granada’s stake and relocated to London to manage Watford carefully. He remains optimistic that the club will climb and maintain its stake in the profitable English Premier League.