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November 22, 2018

Giving Hope With Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a man of many coats. He is a businessman who has earned his way to the top, but who never forgot the importance of giving back when you can. He’s done so much for his community and for those who are eager to start their own businesses.

Jason Hope is a businessman, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a futurist with a long list of highlights on his resume. He has made an impact on the world for some time now and doesn’t have plans to change things up any time soon.

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Jason Hope SENS

SENS is an organization that has held a special place in Hope’s heart for quite a long time. His recent $500000 contribution to the organization is sizable and is being used to support anti-aging biochemicals and research. As a person who values giving back to the community, Jason Hope certainly doesn’t mind making donations to organizations that he believes benefits the world, or helping out in other ways for that matter.

Helping Students

Jason is an Angel Investor, but he doesn’t invest his money just anywhere. He puts his money toward those who are offering something great that can help others, since he is a person who enjoys nothing more than helping those around him as much as possible. High school and college students with great ideas that may advance the technology or medical field can get a boost on their ideas through his funding program. To qualify, you’ll need to submit your idea to Jason Hope via his website. Angel Investments of $5,000 to $500,000 are made to those who are accepted.

The Bottom Line

If you aren’t yet familiar with the name, it’s time to learn firsthand who Jason Hope is and perhaps do bigger and better things with your life and for the people around you. Jason proves that great people still do exist in this world.

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