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June 24, 2019

HGGC: The investor’s magnet

HGGC’s growth into the leading middle market privately owned firm can be attributed to the exceptionally talented team of professionals working in the firm. The team has members who have gained much-needed experience after working in the private sector for several years. The firm’s main aim is to bring their partners interests in line with the firm’s interests so that they realize success as a team. The framework of HGGC is set up in a way that they bring in the best practices from global and private equity corporations to create the best performing middle market businesses.


The firm is based in Palo Alto Calif. The main investments of the firm are located in North America. However, it also considers investing in international businesses. HGGC is uniquely renowned by its Advantage Investing approach. The approach empowers the company with the ability to not only source but also acquire scalable businesses that attract numerous businesses. This is realized through partnerships with founders, sponsors, and management teams, who in turn reinvest with the firm, hence, coming up with strongly aligned interests. In the course of its existence, HGGC has been involved with over 130 platform investments, liquidity events, and add-on acquisitions with an estimation of over $20 billion in transactions.

Recently, the firm partnered with Dyal Capital Partners as they acquired a minority interest in the firm. Besides, the firm in January 2017 invested in Davies Group, which is an insurance provider. Since the investment, the group has done over 11 transactions and are in the course of delivering double-digit in terms of annual organic growth. HGGC power when it comes to attracting investors is what led to a minority investment in Davies Group by AIMCO (Alberta Investment Management Corporation).

HGGC has a minority investment in Idera Inc. Idera is also in partnership with other investors, such as Company Management and TA Associates. The firm aims to be in numerous investments ranging from business services, financial services, infrastructure, chemicals, industrial services, software and technology field, consumer products, and healthcare. For instance, Idera Inc is a company that develops software and has over 50,000 clients in different industries such as energy, education, healthcare, media, technology, and retail.