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May 12, 2019

Isabel dos Santos talks about the opportunities available for women in Africa

Forbes lists Isabel dos Santos as the richest woman in Africa with a net worth of more than $3 billion. She is a shrewd businesswoman who has interests in several high-profit sectors including construction and oil. Isabel dos Santos is also very passionate about the empowerment of women from the continent of Africa. In a recent interview with, this celebrated businesswoman talked about the opportunities available for women in Africa.

Opportunities for African women

This Angolan businesswoman stated that there were numerous opportunities available for African women. She went on to say that the problem so far has not been the lack of opportunities but rather the lack of support and discrimination. Isabel dos Santos pointed out that the African continent was full of untapped resources and opportunities like minerals, agriculture, services, manufacturing, and services that women could take advantage of. The saddening thing was that when a woman tried to take advantage of these resources and opportunities, they are often met with lots of challenges. Lack of support from the male family members – whether a husband or a father – means that women get discouraged from going on after their ambitions. On the other hand, there is discrimination which sees women denied of well-deserved opportunities in business. Isabel dos Santos said that discrimination against women was also very prevalent in offices and corporations. Visit

Making a difference

In the interview, Isabel Santos revealed that she was very committed to making a difference in the continent by helping women reach their dreams. She stated that she drives social ventures with this vision through her businesses and also individually. As an individual, she has offered numerous talks to universities and educational institutions in the continent and beyond to empower women. This Angolan businesswoman also supports several charities working on women empowerment throughout the continent. In her business empire, Isabel dos Santos has created a culture that encourages people to promote and embrace gender equality. This spirit is also shared out through social ventures undertaken by her companies in the continent. Isabel said that the fruits of these efforts have already started manifesting. See more on