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October 11, 2019

Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health on Telehealth Technology

Jack PlotkinDuring the past few decades, telehealth has tried repeatedly to become an important part of the healthcare system. Although the foundation was present, this form of healthcare never became a fully integrated part of the healthcare field. The CTO of Virtual Health, Jack Plotkin, believes this might be changing. Over the course of his career, he has become a leading name in the evolution of healthcare. Now, Plotkin believes the tools are there for telehealth to become an integral part of the healthcare system. This will lead to a change that will make healthcare more accessible to everyone.

Wireless Technology has Improved

Plotkin believes that this time, telehealth is here to stay. This is due, in large part, to the advances in the technological field over the past few years. This technology plays an important role in doctors’ ability to gather important information about patients over an extended period of time. There are devices that can now measure important information such as oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and other important pieces of information. Then, doctors can use this information to look at the trends in these important signs over a period of time.

Jack PlotkinIn addition, the costs of these devices have started to drop. In prior years, even if these devices were available, they were far too expensive to become a regular part of the healthcare system. Now, with the price point of these devices starting to fall, Plotkin feels that they will become more common. With an ability to both lower the cost of healthcare and increase its accessibility and value to both doctors and patients, telehealth is ready to take a front seat in the healthcare field.

Growth from Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health

Jack Plotkin has watched the field of telehealth grow over the past few years as the CPO of Virtual Health. He has played a major role in the economic and technological revolutions in the healthcare industry.