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November 08, 2019

Luke Lazarus Teaches Startups the Importance of Capital for Business Success

 Working with Angel Investors

Sometimes a startup business has the opportunity to work with an investor. There are three kinds of investors which startups will work with. Which one is more important to the startup depends upon what needs each investor will meet for the startup.

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However, the more money the startup needs to grow fast and wide, a greater need will be met by the Venture capitalist, while Angel Investor is usually an individual investor with limited resources, the Venture Capitalist acts, and a Corporate entity and has more capital to invest.

Types of Investors

Lastly, there are many kinds of investors called incubators, which are either a group of startups that work together under an investor or a company that provides investors an opportunity to work with startups at their first stages.

Luke Lazarus is familiar with all three types of investors and has been instrumental in working to help startups find appropriate kinds of investors for their startups.

Though Luke Lazarus works as a consultant when hired to help a startup, he still can give input in suggesting or recommending a startup to investors or towards confident investors when asked to do so as a consultant.

Capital for Business Success

The Human Genome Project was first funded by a small research fund by Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist when it was early beginning to be a way in which startups were gaining investments.

Today there are thousands of venture capitalist firms across the world. To give an idea of how prevalent venture capitalist was in 2018, over $254B was invested by VCs, and more than 18K startups were the object of those VC investments. That is an average of $14.1 million per startup funding.

Keeping it Simple

Luke Lazarus approaches the Capital investments received by startups by returning to the necessary foundations for investment, which have a solid business plan, a well thought out the mission statement, and a strong business story which will draw the attention of venture capitalist when they are pitched.

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Luke Lazarus sees that if these three fundamental principles are followed, it will make for the sure foundation on which to grow in relationships with both investors as well as consumers. In other words, Luke Lazarus knows there is money to be invested, and investors want to invest in startups that have excellent services and products.

Communicating an Emotionally Impacting Moment

Still, those products and services are dependent upon the vehicle that brings them to others through directly communicating with them.

For example, if a company can show it can make a connection with a consumer’ values that is a massive plus for a startup when pitching an investor.

Still, for Luke Lazarus any startup has to face the venture capitalist, the Angel investor, or if the occasion arises investors that are working thru an incubator, and communicate their story points.

It is one thing to tell an investor you moved someone to buy, and it is running an investor to buy your story. It is the same difference between reading a review of the latest Blockbuster film and going to see the movie in an IMAX theater.

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