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September 01, 2019

One Decision Changed His Life

Richard Liu is truly a man whose story shows that in life, the decision we make, help to forge the life that we live. Richard Liu is today, a man who is a multibillionaire because of one change in his life that would forever change the course of his life. Initially, a student who wanted to go into the field of politics, for monetary reasons, soon discovered that the job security in this area of finances was not the most affordable and most secure field to delve into.

Coming to this realization he would then change his major and enter into the realm of computer scinec…a decision that would make him one of China’s wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs. He is not only one of China’s wealthiest billionaires but he is also one of the world wealthiest men with an estimated net worth of 12.5 billion dollars. And all of this because of a shift in decision making. Read More.