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April 12, 2019

Organo Gold approaches the beverages market at a different angle

Organo Gold is one of the coffee suppliers that provide customers with personal wellness supplements and products. The products are available in various shops and distribution chains in the United States of America. Organo gives the customers the opportunities to buy products from stores or enter in partnership with the company as affiliate distributors. Organo Gold produces various beverages including flavored beverages, coffee beverages, single-serve brews, and teas among others.

Additionally, the company provides its customers with body management and organic products including spore powder, beauty bars, grape seed oil, mycelium, and nutritional shakes. Organo Gold advocates for organic farming and natural ingredients, the reason behind its success in the brewed coffee industry.

One of the unique products produced by Organo Gold is Gourmet Organic brand of coffee. The product is the only brand that contains Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder, a luxurious product in antioxidants and other nutrients. Its taste is out of this world thanks to its biological composition. The Organo Gold tea products come in green and red varieties that contain Ganoderma, a product known to boost the immune system.

The teas are also rich in antioxidants, mild, powerful, and readily soluble. In terms of body management, Organo supplies its customers with management supplements that include Fenix XT, and Ganoderma Mycelium. The mango flavored Fenix XT enhances stamina, performance, and energy. The product helps the body by boosting energy and hydration resulting in an excellent performance. For personal care purposes, the customers purchase Ganoderma Lucidum products including the company’s toothpaste for whiter and healthier teeth.

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