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May 03, 2017

Roberto Santiago, The Man With The Best Shopping Mall!!

Roberto Santiago was born in 1958 in a town named Joao Pessoa. He graduated from University Center which is also located in Joao Pessoa. Roberto studied business in his higher education because he always wanted to become a successful businessman. Roberto Santiago is one of the most successful Entrepreneurs in this world. Roberto Santiago’s vision and his passion for his work have made him quite popular, rich and successful. Robert Santiago proudly owns the Santiago Manaira Shopping Pall which is located in Paraiba, Brazil. He started his career by working in a carton age company.

Roberto Santiago began his professional career in Santa Rosa at a café. He started his own company here which dealt in the manufacture of utilitarian and decoration products. This really boosts jumped his career in a few years. Roberto Santiago is known to have an interest in sports and has won many trophies over the years.

Roberto Santiago is commonly known as the perfectionist who has invested in a lot of different buildings and has earned a lot of profit through them. The most successful investment and the greatest achievement yet by Roberto Santiago is his shopping mall which is named Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall which is also located in Joao Pessoa. Roberto continues to strengthen his relation with his customers. This has given him customers who rely on his products. The Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has achieved all of its goals. This shopping mall fulfills all the needs of a person at one place. Read more on

Roberto Santiago has contacts all over the world with different entrepreneurs which enable him to get a perfect product for the market. The people of his town enjoy their lives because Roberto Santiago has invested heavily in his town and has provided almost everything to the people. The

Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall ensured that Roberto Santiago had written his name among those who design and make historical landmarks.

Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has multiple movie theaters init. All of them are amazing because of the latest technology used in them. These movie theaters are in a 3D room for the viewers to enjoy their movie full-time. Food courts are also facilitated by the shopping mall. More than

8000 people can enjoy a movie at the same time in one theater. All of the design and structure was Robert’s own.

Roberto Santiago is also interested in donating his money to the charities that stand for a good cause. Roberto also has his own charity which stands for the cause of education and receives a tremendous amount of money to keep the charity running on its own and to keep educating students who don’t have enough resources to gain high standard knowledge. Truly, Roberto Santiago is one of a kind. Learn more at Wikipedia about Roberto Santiago.

May 03, 2017

Viewing Oncology Through Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Eyes

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncology professor at the Roswell Park cancer institute. He is a scientist whose passion is on the studies of aging and cancer. He attended the first Pavlov Medical University in St. Petersburg from where he attained his MD in internal medicine. He later attained a PhD in experimental medicine and cardiology at the same institution.

In 2002, he was made the associate medical professor in New York medical college in Valhalla. He later moved on to Ordway research institute where he became the lead scientists. His career at Roswell Park cancer institute began in 2009 when he joined as the professor of oncology. He became an excellent professor due to the accumulation of knowledge and the experience he had gathered from all the other places he had worked. View his LinkedIn profile

He has a research interest in bio gerontology, which explains the underlying mechanism of aging. He also focus on anti-aging drugs, targeted cancer therapies that prevent destruction of cells as well as research on cancer in general. He also serves as the chief editor of cell cycle and Oncotarget. He also works as the associate editor for cancer biology and therapy. He also serves in the editorial board of cell death and differentiation editorial board.

Mikhail developed a hypothesis on TOR, which signaled the potential role of cancer as well as aging. He also proposed the use of Rapamycin which is a drug used in the treatment of cancer. His proposal was meant to be used for potential life extension. In fact, he is categorized as a vocal and most passionate researcher when it comes to advocating for the use of rapamycin in life elongation researches. His researches are based on molecular, cellular as well as clinical investigations. As such, it includes tumor suppressors, drug resistance, apoptosis and anticancer therapeutics among others.

The professor also serves as the author of the aging hyper function theory. Mikhail Blagosklonny is also passionate about writing on cyclo therapy and chemotherapeutic engineering. He has especially a very keen interest in oncology and has a strong belief in the possibility of controlling cancer and aging.

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May 02, 2017

The CEO of InnovaCare Health Inc., Rick Shinto’s Unwavering Support for the LAN

InnovaCare is the pride of Puerto because it is the leading Medicaid and Medicare Advantage organization mandated to provide healthcare related services. On August 2, 2016, the organization announced its involvement in embracing the modern Health Care Treatment Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). The LAN entails a partnership between the public and private sector that seeks to upgrade the U.S health system towards new payment models that focused on offering quality services rather than quantity.

Rick Shinto, the CEO of InnovaCare, cited that the announcement represented the unwavering commitment of the organization to help in the transition to alternative payment models in the health care industry. He added the collaboration of the organization and the LAN would assist in redefining the healthcare management through the provision of cost-effective, coordinated, and innovative models. Thus, the payment reforms would build a resilient relationship between patients and providers.

InnovaCare significantly supports the mission of LAN that entails accelerating the change to alternative payment models. Moreover, the organization had formulated its goals that support payment reforms. According to a statement made by the InnovaCare, they support the goals of the LAN, which include making 30 percent of U.S. health care payments to adopt the alternative payment models (APM) by 2016 and another 50 percent by 2018. InnovaCare pledged to help in surveying quantitative data and grouping payments based on APM Framework. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

Insights of the LAN

The LAN has a list of around 100 organizations including private, public, and non-profits sectors whose aim entails transforming the health care sector and emphasizing of quality rather than quantity services. The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides, cited that working with the other committed partners of the LAN would ultimately help the organization spread the APMs throughout the health industry.

The Other Career Experiences of Penelope Kokkinides

Before rejoining Innovacare in June 2015, Penelope worked at InnovaCare, Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer. She also served at Aveta Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer as well as VP of Clinical Operations. Before that, Penelope Kokkinides worked at Centerlight HealthCare where she was the Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer. She also served as a COO at Touchstone Health as well as the corporate VP for Disease Management and Care Management.

InnovaCare Health Inc.

InnovaCare is a leading health care provider in Puerto Rico and operates health plans including PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMM Healthcare, Inc. The organization’s membership base includes over 200,000 individuals who are served by a network of more than 7,500 providers. It is dedicated to providing quality and affordable health care services. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

May 02, 2017

Jason Hope And Technology

The role of technology in society is something that has been the subject of much research and investigation. In an article by Engadget, author Jesse Boskoff discusses the ideas of one of the people leading the charge to determine how technology can be most good. Futurist Jason Hope supports the Internet of Things, the amalgamation of commercial and consumer devices with Internet connectivity. He believes that persistent connections will allow our lives to be more efficient and safer.

Hope has written for and outlined some of the ways that the Internet of Things will drive business. He predicted that in 2016 the Internet of Things would mostly be driven by healthcare. As more medical technology makes use of Internet connections, it seems he is correct. Hope’s interest in medical technology is not limited to its business prospects. Hope pledged $500,000 in funding to the non-profit SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is working to combat illnesses associated with aging.

Hope’s support of medical technology advancement and his business acumen collide in his advocacy for technology in driving business solutions. Hope works as a consultant for businesses and a lot of his work focuses on the use of technology and digital solutions. Through these approaches, Jason Hope is driving the future.

May 01, 2017

How Doe Deere Turned Raw Ambition Into A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Long before Doe Deere unleashed her neon pastel aesthetic onto the makeup industry, she was just another teenager trying to make it big as a singer on the streets of New York City. Highly ambitious since childhood, it’s no surprise that Deere’s creative energy has fueled her to create a makeup brand that’s worth millions of dollars today.


Born in Russia, Deere moved to New York City with her mother as a teenager. Her passion for self-expression urged her to pursue a music career. While Deere would sing on the stages of various clubs and bars, she would be decked out in bright and sparkly clothing. It didn’t take long for Deere to start making her own clothes.


As time went on, it became clear that Deere had a gift for creating aesthetic masterpieces. Her unique visual perspective combined with a talent for sewing led her to launch a DIY fashion line in 2004. Born with supermodel looks, Deere took photos of herself wearing her creations to put on her eBay store.


To Deere’s disappointment, it was difficult to find makeup to match her bold and colorful aesthetic. Searching endlessly through makeup aisles for bright and fearless cosmetics, she decided that it was time to launch her own makeup company. She was determined to create a makeup line that would encourage women to experiment with color rather than mask their flaws. In 2008, Lime Crime was born.


Launched as a retail website, Lime Crime was highly unique from the very beginning. The Lime Crime website features Deere’s signature aesthetic of cute animals in pastel colors. The brand’s first big hit was the Unicorn Lipsticks line, a series of extremely pigmented lipsticks in a variety of neon pastel shades. Still a top seller, the Unicorn Lipsticks’ magenta metallic tubes feature silver unicorns, giving the lipsticks a playful and whimsical edge.


A large part of Lime Crime’s enormous success has to do with Deere’s refusal to follow trends. Each product created by Lime Crime comes straight from Deere’s wild and wonderful imagination. Every product is designed for makeup lovers who refuse to play it safe and don’t fear experimentation.


As CEO of Lime Crime, Deere won’t release a makeup product that she hasn’t tested on herself. During the day, the pastel-haired beauty can be found in the lab working on the formula for a new product.


Whether it’s a neon lipstick in a startling shade or an iridescent eyeliner that turns every head, Deere continues to launch Lime Crime products that quickly become coveted items among beauty bloggers. Thanks to her unique creative vision and her dedication to her own brand, Deere has encouraged countless makeup lovers to have fun with their cosmetics.

April 27, 2017

George Soros – Creating a Difference in the World of Business

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. According to Forbes, he fled his country and paid for his business school at the London school of economics while working as a railway porter. He later started his finance career at the merchant bank. He moved to New York later here he started on Wall Street and established a hedge fund in 1969 using 12 million dollars. This is what was later rebranded to the Quantum Fund.

He made an impressive profit in 1992 when he broke the Bank of England by shorting the British Pound with help from his friend, Stan DruckenMiller. Many years later, he remains a force to reckon with as he continues his investment endeavors through his Soros fund management. His assets, family assets, including his family office, worth average at about 30 billion dollars. He hired a renowned Wall Street financial management expert Dawn Fitzpatrick in 2017 to run and manage his portfolio. She is the chief investment officer of Soros fund management and the seventh person to hold this position since 2000.

Soros is also known for his fierce criticism of President Trump. He is well known for his strong support towards liberal causes. George Soros has been affiliated to a number of organizations throughout this career and life. He has been with the F.M. Mayer, Wertheim & Company, Arnold & S. Bleichroeder as well as the Soros Fund Management. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Mr. Soros is famous for many things but he is most recognized for risking 10 billion on the British currency speculation. From this correct speculation, he made over one billion in profits in a day and ultimately over 2 billion was pocketed as profit. He is also famous for running the Quantum Fund whose annual generation was always more than 30% annually when he was in charge. Apart from his business associations and achievements, he is also well known for strong political stands and philanthropic activities. Visit to know more about George Soros.

He fled Hungary to England in 1947 where he graduated from London school of economics in 1952, which gave him an entry level job in a bank. He later migrated to the US where he served as financial analyst and held several investment management positions in different firms that he was associated with like the Mayer, Wertheim & Co. as well as Arnold & Bleichroeder.

His unique investment style is what has always put him ahead of his competitors. He is a master in the translation of broad brush economic trends to killer plays and leveraged currencies and binds. He is a short-term speculator that makes huge bets on financial markets directions. He describes the financial market as chaotic and that prices of securities depend on human traders, professional and non-professionals who purchase them.


April 21, 2017

Bruno Fagali: How To Get A Reliable Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a competent lawyer that provides top notch advice and effective legal representation in a broad range of matters, including Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Compliance and other related issues.

There are some things to look into before you hire a lawyer. When it comes to office impressions, it is important to look for indications of confidentiality, promptness from staff, and phone call conduct.

It is also crucial that you choose someone with whom you can get along. Find out if the lawyer or office staff seems sincere.

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You may want to ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends or family, and also research on the Internet. It is advisable to choose a lawyer who has a great reputation in the industry. In Brazil, Bruno Fagali, comes highly recommended.

Bruno Fagali consistently receives numerous positive reviews from clients, colleagues and other respected legal practitioners. Bruno Fagali receives this recognition, because it means that he provides the highest quality service to clients.

Bruno Fagali works hard to protect his clients’ legal rights and he wants them to obtain great outcomes in their case. Bruno Fagali is determined to deliver excellent advice and representation to his clients.

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April 17, 2017

Julie Zuckerberg Shapes The Talent Acquisition Process In Deutsche Bank

Julie Zuckerberg, the Talent Acquisition Recruitment Lead of Deutsche Bank U.S., is very focused to bring the best talents from diverse background to firm’s umbrella. Her strategies have played a bigger role in shaping the talent acquisition strategies of the bank. She understands the importance of being part of a well-known financial institution which has businesses across the world, and hence, she looks for solutions that can be modeled by other institutions. She is also very keen to reflect the firm’s mission in its recruitment strategies and looks for brand building in talent acquisition as well. In her current role, she works with senior leadership to lead and negotiate offers on Director and Managing Director levels in various verticals coming under Deutsche Bank U.S. division. It includes GTO, infrastructure, asset management, and private, commercial, and wealth clients. She is also consulted by the leadership of the firm and its executive committees on framing the recruitment policies, best practices, and hiring governance to bring the diverse talents from various backgrounds. Julie provides strategic directions and training various recruitment teams and also supporting recruitment from entry level offers to complex senior level offers.



Julie started her career with Hudson in 2002 as the Director of Candidates Placement. During the period she took care various recruitments from case managers to attorneys and gave training and information on the benefits, opportunities, and working conditions to the new hires. Julie also worked as a link between employees and the management and conducted coaching, employee counseling, and conflict resolution. In 2007, she left for Citi as the Vice President with the role of Executive Recruiter and offered full-cycle recruitments on Director and Managing Director posts for Citi business verticals. She was regularly consulted by the senior leadership of the firm in competitive markets, recruitment strategies, compensation trends, and talents. Julie was responsible for developing and negotiating complex job offers in deferred awards, relocation, clawbacks, equity buyouts, and immigration, by consulting with the main stakeholders of each vertical. She actively involves in sourcing talents globally by working with talent acquisition teams across different regions, onboard them, and complete the international relocation process. In November 2013, she joined New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President for four months before joining Deutsche Bank. During the period, Julie worked as the Client Relationship Lead and took care of various experienced hires across the country.



Before starting the career, Julie completed her graduation in Philosophy from the Brooklyn College, City University of New York. She has diverse skill sets related to recruitment process including Conflict resolution, succession planning, behavioral interviewing, executive search, etc., and that makes her highly successful in her roles and responsibilities. Her hobbies include photography, running, technology news, and arts. She is very interested in human rights, economic issues, civil rights, animal welfare, science, and technology. She is active on social media platforms like Facebook and finds time to explore the art festivals and shows in New York. Julie is also actively involved in driving compliance and ethics on corporates and are part of Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE).




April 11, 2017

What Makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner Unique

If you’ve seen YouTube ads of WEN Cleansing Conditioner, you’ve probably assumed that it’s no different from other hair products that promise to provide tons of moisture to dry and damaged hair. However, the reality is that WEN’s unique formula is drastically different from most hair care products that are on the market right now.

All-Natural Formula

WEN’s formula ( is made up exclusively of plant-based ingredients that are full of nourishing nutrients. Most hair care products claim to be natural but are actually full of toxic chemicals like preservatives and sulfates that are known to dehydrate hair, irritate the skin on the scalp and even cause health problems over time.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is totally free of these harsh chemicals. The product gently cleans and moisturizes hair with botanical ingredients like rosemary, chamomile and mint. Vegetable glycerin, a humectant that comes from vegetables, draws moisture from the air, leaving hair silky soft.

One Week of Using WEN

Emily McClure tried WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner every day for a week and recorded her hair’s transformation in a hair journal that can be read on Tired of her thin and dull hair, she wanted to try a product that was made up of entirely natural ingredients.

Within 24 hours of applying WEN for the first time, Emily’s hair was much thicker and shinier. Encouraged, she continued to apply the product to her hair each day in the shower. After each application, Emily’s hair looked better than the day before.

Delighted, Emily concluded that WEN Cleansing Conditioner is the real deal. Thanks to the deeply nourishing ingredients in the bottle, Emily was finally able to achieve the luscious and thick hair that she had always desired.

It’s safe to assume that switching to WEN can truly transform even the dullest and driest hair thanks to its incredible variety of healthy nutrients. By using WEN’s all-natural formula, your hair can finally be restored back to its natural health.

Visit the website for more information.

April 07, 2017

Brian Torchin, President of HCRC Makes Things Happen

Among the many appealing qualities of Brian Torchin is that he is the President and CEO of HCRC Staffing located in Philadelphia. HCRC is short for Health Care Recruitment Counselors. His background has enabled him to staff, open and manage several excellent medical offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida.

His expertise made him knowledgeable in staffing these many offices with physical therapists, physician assistants, chiropractors and other physicians.

Brian Torchin has dedicated his energy and life to be sure that all of his clients around the world are treated with the best care and results.

Brian Torchin is a highly experienced chiropractic doctor who also specializes in sports medicine and physical therapy. He continues to spread his amazing treatment in health around the globe. He teaches that the backbone is the root of everyone’s health whether the ailment is a nagging headache, stress, gastritis and even diabetes.

How a person even sits in a chair can affect the condition of the spine. The intelligence that he has is what made him gather many skilled medical professionals that also help those who have suffered discomfort from shoulder or joint problems that have resulted from auto accidents or other types of traumas.

Torchin’s company offers excellent opportunities for those healthcare professionals who are searching for quality employment.

He accomplishes this by having search services and career consultation for those who are looking to play an important role in the overall health of those who depend on HCRC. Keeping up with Brian is easy with his articles on his firm’s blog.

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