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August 01, 2019

Sharon Prince Hopes Grace Farms Inspires

Sharon Prince has dedicated her career as the Grace Farm Foundation’s Chair and President to making a positive impact on the world through several different initiatives. The foundation was first created in 2009 with Grace Farms itself opening in October 2015. Every aspect of the location was thought out to inspire hope and conversation along with conserving the 80 acres of land it is located on and the wildlife that calls it home. The main building on the property is known as the River Building and it was designed by SANAA of Japan. This architectural firm had been recognized in the past for their designs.

A lot of the work that Sharon Prince Grace Farms puts in is to end human trafficking, violence against women, and child exploitation on a local and international level. She co-hosted an event known as Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict with the United Nations. The work that she put in with this event ended up resulting in the creation of a written report that was published by the United Nations. Sharon Prince and the Grace Farms Foundation are working on a campaign that is entitled Unchained: Freedom Needs Fighters. Other agencies that they are working with for this effort include Shazam, J. Walter Thompson, and Geometry Global.

By providing a place for the community to discuss these important issues in a hopeful manner, Sharon Prince hopes to have a long-term impact on society through her efforts and by inspiring others who visit the expansive location. Sharon Prince wants the leaders of tomorrow to be prepared with the skills that they need to change the world into a better place. Grace Farms is designed to be open and welcoming while inspiring thought and discussion among the people that are visiting. The programs that Grace Farms offers have been a catalyst for change.

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