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November 16, 2019

Steve Lesnard Is Marketing Professional Selected To Join The North Face During Transformative Time

Steve Lesnard is a graduate of Babson College – Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business. He earned his MBA in business and entrepreneurship here in 1996. He has since marketed sports and outerwear products. His first position was as the North America Marketing Director at Wolford. Steve Lesnard’s latest position is at The North Face where he is the chief marketing director. He is known as a passionate and knowledgeable manager who can inspire a team and nurture innovation.

Arne Arens, the Global Brand President of The North Face, released a statement when Steve Lesnard joined the team. He stated that Steve Lesnard is a professional known for strategic business growth and innovation. Arens saw Lesnard as someone who could improve his company’s global growth and elevate its marketing efforts. Steve Lesnard is known for crafting compelling stories about brands. The North Face produces outerwear that can stand up to Earth’s most extreme conditions. It recently introduced a revolutionary material that could change the future of outerwear just as much as Gore-Tex did. This is called Futurelight.

It’s a fabric that has nanospinning sprayed on it. What this does is keep out water while allowing vapor from sweating to escape. People wearing products made from Futurelight stay dry while also staying comfortable. The North Face is first introducing Futurelight in its high-end products. It first appeared in pants and jackets for those on high elevation mountain expeditions. It has also started to sell Flight Jacket which is a light-weight running jacket. Flight Jacket is sold for $280 while the mountaineering gear starts at $450 and can cost up to $750.

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