Joe Fagan

Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

July 01, 2018

Susan McGalla – Helping to Eliminate the Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla, former vice president of business strategy and creative development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has succeeded in pushing past the glass ceiling in a profession most would agree has been historically dominated by men. However, McGalla believes that even outside of the world of professional sports, the glass ceiling still exists, and she is determined to help eliminate it.

McGalla’s approach to equality in the workplace is to highlight how women improve the business world. As a professional woman who has worked her way to the top, she understands how difficult that climb can be and that the road to success is still harder for women than it is for men. However, that does not mean it is impossible. One of the ways that can help women succeed is by finding female mentors. McGalla believes that this plays an important role in helping women to climb the corporate ladder.

While McGalla credits her own success to a strong family foundation, hard work, and mentoring, she recognizes that not all women have such a combination of powerful forces to help them overcome difficulties in their careers. This is why she gives mentoring such an important role in women’s success. Seeing people like yourself in positions of leadership is important for all people, including women. McGalla believes that in order to encourage women to keep moving forward, businesses should make mentoring a real priority, institute mentoring programs within their businesses, and not just give the idea lip service.