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September 11, 2018

Tempus Successfully Manages Its Latest Funding Round

Tempus, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois, is a technology firm that is building an operating system to help doctors treat cancer patients. Their system uses machine learning and analytics to give doctors a way to make real-time treatment decisions that are based on data. They have a genomic sequencing service which is based on the patients who have been treated for cancer in the past. This company was co-founded by the entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky after he saw first-hand that the treatment of cancer was lacking when it came to high-tech tools. He is also this company’s chief executive officer. The last funding round for Tempus took part in August.

This was their Series E funding round and Eric Lefkofsky reported that his company raised $110 million. Since this company was founded in 2015 it has raised $320 million in all and is now valued at more than $2 billion. The investors in this round included New Enterprise Associates, Baillee Gifford, T. Rowe Price, and Revolution Growth. Eric Lefkofsky said that the goal of Tempus is to introduce precision medicine across the United States and internationally.

They have made great progress towards that goal and he thanks the staff at Tempus as well as the investors and partners who have been so supportive of what they are trying to accomplish. Their operating system is now being used to treat almost one in four cancer patients in America, just three years after this company debuted. The money raised in this last funding round will be used to expand Tempus internationally. The will also be expanding their operating system to include other diseases beyond cancer. Eric Lefkofsky said the first nations they are looking at expanding to include those in Australia, Asia, and Europe. He said that Tempus will expand in a conservative manner, though, so that they don’t overextend themselves. Learn More.